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Gemini Love Horoscope 2018

This year will become “the year of opportunity” for the ambitious Gemini. You’ll accomplish anything you set out to do – which could pose added benefits when it comes to love. You’ll fearlessly pursue your quest to experience a life-changing romantic adventure throughout the year 2018. This year, your mind and body will adjust to address your heart’s deepest desires, dear friend.

Singles won’t have a problem pursuing anyone who catches their eye. When Mars transits to Scorpio at the start of the year, you’ll view your quest for love like a competition you must win! With your eyes on the prize, you won’t hesitate to let your partner know that you want to take things to the next level.

At the close of the first quarter, Mars transits to Sagittarius, and shaky relationships could take a turn for the worse. Geminis won’t be as tolerant as they usually are, which could make you question whether you want to continue with your relationship or not.

As you grow through each planetary shift, 2018 teaches the Gemini to become more connected with what’s most important to them. The next step is learning to honour those desires, despite what’s taking place in your relationship. The secret to love is finding the balance between respecting your needs without forgetting about what your partner wants in the process.

When Jupiter retrogrades on March 9, its position in your fifth house could create some unexpected conflict with your lover or your children. Gemini takes on a lot of professional responsibilities around this time, and you’ll expect your loved ones to show their support.

Be careful of how much power you place on your emotions, wearing your heart on your sleeve can cuff you to some legal matters that possibly involve someone dear. As you push through these challenges, you should resist the urge to pull away from your intimate connections. Mars transits to Capricorn on May 2, leading to a string of opportunities that could inflate your ego to uncomfortable levels.

Even if you start attracting lots of attention around this time, try to remember the difference between the relationships that add substance to your life. When circumstances carry you to soaring heights, you must remain humble – or the universe will humble you, Gemini.

There’ll be a Mars retrograde on June 27 that’ll give the Gemini a crash course in patience. Although some of your relationships may come to a halt, that delay is probably a gift from creation. Sometimes, everyday responsibilities can create so many distractions that you forget to find the time to appreciate the things that really matter.

When your projects slow down as Jupiter goes progressive on July 10, look at it proactively. If you aren’t rushing back and forth to fulfil your to-do lists, you’ll have more free time to dedicate to your love life.

The third quarter settles all scores, creating smooth sailing between you and your partner. Conflicts will be resolved and you’ll experience a rebirth in your relationship. There’s the possibility to prosper from a connection with your lover or someone who’s close to them. This association will be the first sign of proof that verifies the lucky streak that Saturn brings when it goes direct in Sagittarius.

Treat your partner with extra care when Jupiter transits to Scorpio on the 14th of October. You could find yourself concerned with an ongoing health condition they’ve been battling but your support is a remedy that’s more powerful than anything the doctors can prescribe.

If you need any extra support, a motherly figure will show up to be there for you when Mars transits to Aquarius. You may have to live with some level of conflict with your father in the last quarter of the year, but you’ll be living on such an emotional high that you’ll know how to keep the energy up so that love can overcome any trivial matters.

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