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Gemini Horoscope 2018

If you’ve been looking for a boost in your courage and the confidence to let your talents shine bright, Mercury, the lord of Gemini, guarantees that 2018 will be the year that your desires come to life. Resting in the sixth house, you’ll be privy to many opportunities to demonstrate the skills you’ve worked hard to develop over the years. Mercury offers its support as it blesses you with the power to emerge victorious from any challenge you could face this year.

Mars transits to Scorpio, giving you the strength to outsmart any opponent that steps into your path. Using the impeccable communication skills associated with your zodiac, Gemini can persuade any adversary bend to their will.

With such a magnetic personality and astounding conversational skills, you can stay above any upsetting event – if you’re not the one who’s responsible for the confusion. When boredom strikes, you can become a bit aggressive in your approach; creating tension that seeps into various areas of your life.

Remind yourself of your ability to sway situations in whatever direction you see fit, when Mars transits to Sagittarius on March 7. Certain circumstances could spark your irritable side, leading to adverse reactions in personal and professional meetings during this time. Since Saturn is resting beside Mars at the same time, you could feel a run of bad luck that negatively affects your attitude, dear friend.

Delay does not equal denial, Gemini. Just because you don’t see your desires manifesting as quickly as you’d like, that doesn’t mean that they will never show up. Try to be more positive, as you learn to pay more attention to the things you want, while ignoring whatever you don’t. 

In the second quarter of the year, you’ll need to stay alert during Saturn’s retrograde in Sagittarius. Things may not be as bad as they appear, but you’ll still need to stay on your toes to be sure that you aren’t swept away by any legal or health-related matters.

Retrogrades always keep our eyes open but Mars’ transit to Capricorn ushers in a new wave of luck soon after. If you’re expecting a payment or reward, Gemini will be glad to know that it’s on its way sometime in the second quarter!

The planets are preparing to reward you for your patience but don’t let this successful flood go to your head. Tame any inclination to fall victim to your ego, so you can keep your conscience clear and allow even more blessings to rain over your head.

As you know, Gemini, new opportunities bring plenty of additional responsibilities along with them. Mars retrograde on June 27 could present an assortment of challenges that’ll keep you on your toes. As an air sign, you possess remarkable intellectual skills – and you’ll need to put them to good use in the third quarter of the year.

New financial opportunities will have you ready to jump in with both feet but, to make sure that you’re making the wisest decision, exercise a little patience, my friend. When Jupiter returns progressive on July 10, it’ll be time to harvest the fruits of your labour. You’ll make new progress on professional and personal levels, so prepare for the tides to turn in your favour!

The highs and lows of 2018 will keep things interesting for you, Gemini. Come the third quarter of the year, you’ll need to prepare yourself for yet another set of challenges. You’ll begin this season with yet another luck and opportunity when Saturn turns direct in Sagittarius at the start of September.

Soon after, Jupiter transits to Scorpio and the lord of karma will test your strength in the workplace. You know you’ve sown positive seeds into everything you’ve done, so there’s no reason for you to worry, Gemini.

As Mars shifts into Aquarius on November 9, new opportunities will arise, proving that the chaos you just overcame was only meant to remind you of your personal power. With the confidence you gained after bypassing that turbulence, you’ll be better equipped to take advantage of the prosperous opportunities that present themselves in the last quarter.

Give yourself permission to dream as far as your mind can wander, Gemini. When the planet of action is in your house of luck, you’ll be blessed with a cosmic magic wand. Think about the greatest desire that’s tucked away in your heart and remain faithful as the planets align to prove that anything is possible for you!

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