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Sagittarius Horoscope 2018

The archer can expect to see many financial gains in the year 2018 as the lord of Sagittarius resides from the wealth house of the year’s ascendant. Your concentration will be on accumulating wealth and furthering existing financial plans – expect to receive a plethora of abundant blessings as you advance throughout the year.

Sagittarius will make profitable investments at the start of the year, when Mars transits to Scorpio on January 17. Previous engagements have taught you a lot about dealing with intense money matters, giving you the confidence to fearlessly pursue all your plans.

Towards the end of the first quarter, Mars transits into your zodiac sign, accompanied by Saturn. This will be a time for Sagittarius to be mindful of their health and wellness. Stay on top of your responsibilities and be careful of whom you choose to interact with so as to avoid any unnecessary confrontations.

When Jupiter retrogrades on March 9, you may be overcome by a cloud of procrastination. Though you’ve thoroughly considered all your plans, some personal relations may be able to create enough stress to cause you to lose focus for a while. Despite life’s ups and downs, it’s up to you to forge through each lesson while demanding your right to success, Sagittarius!

Come Saturn’s retrograde in your zodiac, you could have to face some legal issues or sort out formalities in your personal life. Don’t become too overwhelmed with what’s happening during this time. Have faith that things will get better – and, when they do, you’ll be even wiser than you are right now!

Although you may not attract the support you desire from a select few, you’ll rise to the occasion and prove that you’re more than capable of seeing your projects through on your own. On May 2, Mars transits to Capricorn and the Wheel of Fortune turns in your favor once more. The effort you’ve put toward building your accounts will pay off in ways far greater than you anticipated, Sagittarius. With luck supporting your personal life, you’ll be unstoppable during this time!

In June, Mars retrogrades, which can create a pause in your plans. If it seems as if your luck has run out – don’t be alarmed – soon, you’ll see what the planets are preparing for you. Jupiter returns to progressive on July 10, giving existing projects the push they need to get finished. Sagittarius is one who always behaves with truth and justice in mind, so expect to see rewards for your good karma!

Family life and intimate affairs will all soar during this alignment. The third quarter is also a blessed opportunity for Sagittarius to concentrate on multiplying your money. As Mars goes progressive on August 31, you’ll see favorable events align for you to further your career and increase your savings too!

With luck shining so strongly in your life, Sagittarius won’t have any trouble navigating through troubled waters. Whatever lingering health issues or family matters that have been sitting on your shoulders will be resolved when Saturn turns direct in your zodiac at the start of September.

Jupiter’s October shift into Scorpio could increase your expenses but there’s nothing to worry about, dear friend. You’ll accumulate so much abundance throughout the course of the year, you’ll be able to avoid any costs that arise during this transit. In fact, the planets are indicating that this third quarter move could be an auspicious time for Sagittarius to invest in new property or acquire a vehicle. If you’ve had your eye on a special treat, the stars are granting you permission to indulge in your desires towards the end of the year.

Sagittarius won’t be able to deny the luck that’s continually spreading its favour upon you. In the last quarter of the year, there’s a good chance that you’ll secure a highly anticipated promotion too! Professional advancements are a clear indication that you and your career will continue to see success long into 2019!

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