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Aries Horoscope 2018

Your introduction to 2018 sets the precedent for the entire year. As Mars, the Lord of the Aries takes position in Libra, it graciously joins forces with progressive Jupiter. Together, the planets direct you to embrace a series of new beginnings. This year delivers some major domestic events; all of which will prove to be auspicious for the Aries native.

On January 17th, Mars transits to Scorpio. When it enters your eighth house, the Aries is thrust into the spotlight. You’ll be welcomed into a few prominent social circles. With so many people vying for your attention, it’s important for you to rest whenever you feel it’s needed.

Jupiter retrogrades on March 9th, so be prepared to experience some turbulence in your marital life. Retrogrades are times of reflection and revelation. Turn toward your spirituality to help you navigate through these changes. On a brighter note, this retrograde will help stabilize your finances. It will also help you resurrect the relationship with your parents. It places importance on rebuilding the love you share with a matronly figure.

Mid-year, you’ll be introduced to yet another retrograde. As your ruling planet starts turning backwards, your work life will reveal more challenges. Please be gentle with yourself as you juggle all your responsibilities. Redefine your idea of perfection to make it easier to accept your best efforts.

While you fight to learn how to accept the things you can’t change, you may be faced with opposition from a father figure. Everyone has an opinion of what’s best for you, but it’s important for you to follow your personal truth.

Look forward to Jupiter’s return to progressive on July 10th. It will usher in major improvements on multiple levels. Your love life and your finances will finally advance. New roads will be presented to you after learning Jupiter’s lesson.

As the year comes to an end, your stress levels will decrease. You’ll overcome any health issues and start bringing projects to an end. Saturn turns direct on September 6th; it’s place in Sagittarius will reward you for your constant effort to remain positive throughout the year. These gifts are the culmination of all your hard work. You must remain committed to your goals, no matter how things may look.

When you’re at your best, Aries, there’s no one who can compete.  Maintain your confidence but be cautious of any decisions made as Jupiter transits to Scorpio on October 11th. Double check all contracts before finalizing your decision. Moving hastily may yield some unfavourable repercussions.

On November 6th, you’ll witness drastic improvements in your luck. When Mars transits into Aquarius, new opportunities lead to profitable ventures for you. Your mental agility will easily surpass any opposition. The plans you’ve set in place will all come to fruition. This grants new hope for the possibilities that await next year.

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