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Cancer Horoscope 2018

Whenever the year commences with a Virgo ascendant, Cancer can expect to receive abundant blessings in every domain. The lord of your sign resides comfortably in your house of luck, which means 2018 will be the year of opportunity for you. Whatever you need will be provided with the greatest ease, while the planets conspire to pave the way for you to receive a plentitude of success and opportunity.

Mars transits to Scorpio in January, placing it in your fifth house of love, children, and education. No matter where you find yourself at the start of the year, anything that touches any of these areas will flourish tremendously!

Expect new job offers or business opportunities that seem to fall from the sky. With so many opportunities flooding your way, be sure to take your time to weigh all your options, Cancer. Anything you choose to embark on will be a blessed opportunity – but there’s nothing wrong with double checking to make sure that you’re making the most of every moment.

On March 7, Mars joins Saturn in your sixth house; Sagittarius. This is a good time for you measure out an ambitious financial move, dear friend. Don’t let fear hold you back – move forward with the confidence of knowing that providence is supporting your every step.

Jupiter retrogrades during the same month, which means you’ll need to protect your energy. Negative influences always seem to arise when Cancer is on the brink of making a great transition. Any opposition that appears is only an indicator that you’re headed in the right direction.

By the second quarter, Saturn’s retrograde in your sixth house will present a crossroads that you’ll be forced to endure. The paternal planet loves to put influential life lessons to the test; not to break you, but to remind you of your strength!

Stand tall, Cancer, as you continue to fight through a few more personal obstacles when Mars transits to Capricorn. Sometimes, you need a little adversity to push you toward new opportunities that would’ve otherwise been left ignored.

Keep your eyes open because there’s a flip side to this transit that you can’t afford to miss. This move is also expected to open a series of doors in the professional realm. You must take advantage of profitable situations as soon as they present themselves because your window of opportunity won’t stay unlocked for long. When Mars goes into retrograde at the end of June, you may witness many doors closing at once.

Cancers must remember that, when one door shuts, another will open – when the time is right. You’ll experience a second chance to advance; probably when Jupiter returns to progressive on July 10. This is when new interests will likely be met with exciting new chances to make up for opportunities you missed.

The Universe will continue to feed this positive streak when Mars goes progressive on the last day of August. Love, work, and your health will simultaneously receive a refreshing breath of fresh air!

By the third quarter of the year, Saturn will go direct in Sagittarius and you’ll witness some miraculous events. Pestering competitors will be thrust out of your way, as if they were being carried by a gust of celestial wind. Your outlook on life will shift into a state of gratitude that only confirms how truly blessed you are, dear friend.

The stars look upon you with favour, when Jupiter transits to Scorpio on October 14. Any plan or project you’ve been holding dear to your heart will flourish in ways greater than you ever imagined!

Brace yourself, Cancer, because the planets are going to take the reins during the last quarter of the year. You’ll scale the highest mountains with the greatest skill. Life will introduce you to plenty of ways to end the year on a prosperous note that continues to benefit you long after the New Year settles.

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