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Gemini Finance Horoscope 2018

Life always presents some form of opposition but, when you handle your challenges with the grace and intellectual style of the Gemini, it’s safe to say that you’ve earned your fair share of rewards. The way you handled the underhanded tactics aimed at you last year will be repaid when Mercury takes its place in your third house, giving you victory over your opponents.

The competition becomes obsolete when the planets are fighting by your side. You’ll spend the first quarter of 2018 building your strength, and the second quarter proving how far you’ve come.

Dissatisfaction with sudden delays won’t impact your finances for too long. As Jupiter and Saturn both go into retrograde, you’ll see some troubling events that could require more of your attention.

When Mars finally settles into Capricorn, the transit will design many avenues for you to profit from. You could discover a new way to capitalize off an old investment or squeeze some revenue from an opportunity afforded because of your notoriety.

Remember, more money means more details to address; that’s going to top Gemini’s priority list, when Mars retrogrades on June 27. Try to discover the cause of delays and detours you’ve been experiencing with your money. You may need to discover that one of your opponents is creating havoc in your personal life.

When you look twice at any prospective offers, you could feel like they’re lacking the lustre you’d like to see before taking a new risk. If the opportunity doesn’t meet all your standards, hold off until you come across something more promising.

All Gemini needs to do is define a clear precedent in your mind. After that, the Universe will conspire to help you realize it. Promotions are spelled out for you when Jupiter returns progressive, you’ll be speechless by the way the planets are moving in your favour. It’ll happen again when Mars joins the lucky planet at the end of August.

Remember what’s at stake while you’re trying to capitalize on these opportunities. You can’t let anyone mess up what you’ve started– and you certainly don’t want to be the one who does it!

The third quarter of the year follows suit as Saturn turns direct in Sagittarius. Lucky contracts and “too good to be true” deals will find their way to you as if they’ve fallen out of the sky. With the abundant overflow that’s attracted to your life, you could wonder how you ever found anything to worry about in the past!

Gemini’s finances will continue climbing uphill as Mars transits to Aquarius on November 9th. Now that it’s back in your house of luck, you’ll see just how much you’ve been blessed for 2018 and beyond! Savings accounts will improve and you’ll be tempted by many mouth-watering investments as you enter the last quarter of the year. There’s a good chance that Gemini will develop the Midas Touch while accumulating substantial material wealth from many different arenas!

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