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Virgo Career Horoscope 2018

Lace up your shoes and tie a tight knot because 2018 is going to take you to places you never thought possible. The many talents and skills housed within the infinite wonders of the Virgo mind will pay off in remarkable ways, as you find the courage to share your gifts with the rest of the world, dear friend.

Get prepared to jump at prosperous opportunities from the start of the year. Through swift action, you’ll experience the benefits of being so tirelessly committed to your job or business. Virgo will likely get acquainted with someone who’s capable of thrusting your career into new heights, when Mars transits to Scorpio in January. Take advantage of whatever opportunities that are presented to you during this time – you never know when you’re facing a chance that has the potential to transform your entire life!

Saturn and Mars both rule from your fourth house at the beginning of March, creating the need for you to think before you speak. Your thoughts fire so rapidly, which serves you well in business, but you can’t risk tainting your professional relationships. It may take a minute for you to get adjusted to the added responsibilities of your expansion but, don’t worry, you’ll quickly adapt and excel in the face of this challenge.

A few obstacles may arise when Jupiter retrogrades on March 9. It’s best for you to avoid fighting against any delays in your projects during this time. Virgo could also experience work-related obstacles when Saturn retrogrades on April 18; yet another opportunity for you to exercise your power to analyze and plan your way through complex situations.

Mars transits to Capricorn on May 2, which grants Virgo an illuminated professional pedestal. The way you managed to maintain your cool while working your way through those obstacles won’t go unnoticed by your colleagues. This is a positive time for you to claim your name to fame within the workplace – enjoy all the recognition you receive!

Things will begin evolving to your benefit as your career progresses. This is the time for you to start reaping the fruits of your labour! Jupiter turns progressive on July 10, fast-tracking any delayed projects that remain unfinished. Your efforts could call for you to travel for business. If so, expect to stumble upon even more profitable opportunities while you’re away.

Everything Virgo initiates during this time will produce long-term benefits. It’s important for you to work diligently and quickly to complete your tasks before Venus transits to Virgo at the start of August. This shift could create a decline in your luck, but the effects won’t impact you for long. By the time Mars goes progressive, you’ll be able to close out any outstanding projects.

Virgo works hard to attain the success they deserve and you’ll experience a taste of victory when Saturn turns direct in Sagittarius at the start of September. Your lucky star will pave the way for you to gain additional support, despite the efforts of your competitors.

With such a remarkable skill set and an impressive track record, your progress will cause your competition to beg to join your team. Be grateful for the advancements you’ll make during this time, whether on the job or in your own business!

You’ll be reminded of how much you’re valued when Jupiter transits to Scorpio on October 14 as you’re aligned with numerous groups who won’t be shy about singing your praises.

The last quarter of the year continues to send luck your way when Mars transits to Aquarius in the beginning of November. You’ll gather a sense of strength and purpose that allows you to neutralize all your competitors. Even if your lucky streak comes to an end, Virgo was born with all the tools necessary to remain a winner!

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