Aquarius Monthly Horoscope

(August, 2021)

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When Mercury moves into Leo on the 9th, you need to be alert at your workplace. Your colleagues can misunderstand your efforts at work. A senior or higher authority will cause trouble, but don't lose patience. Stay passive and let the difficult time pass. It will be a challenging time for wives, so don't judge quickly and make hasty decisions. Be cautious about your actions, as they can harm your relationship with your partner. Venus moves into Virgo on the 11th, and it will bring a negative aspect to your life. You will suffer from health problems, especially stomach-related ailments. Don't feel disheartened if you face betrayal in life. It is just part and parcel of life. You need to be alert at work, as someone may accuse you of some wrong deeds. Keep your work neat and organized so that you do not face much trouble while presenting it. When the Sun moves into Leo, your fortune is likely to return. Familial bonds will strengthen, and you can also plan a celebration at home like a wedding. You will be more focused on your work, and this will help you concentrate better. Your life partner will get better career prospects in life, making you happy and proud of them. Mercury moves into Virgo on the 26th. You are likely to suffer from various health problems. Children will be a source of anxiety and frustration. You can unexpectedly win money, like a lottery, or inherit a large sum of money. Love life will run smoothly only if you are not serious about marriage. August is an auspicious time for the Aquarius natives. You will get whatever you want in life, primarily related to monetary matters. Keep a check on your health, or you will suffer later on. You will be able to strengthen your familial bonds and establish a strong connection with each of your family members. However, don't think about getting into a serious relationship as of now.
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This month promises new romance in your life.

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