Aquarius Monthly Horoscope

(October, 2021)

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On 2nd October, Venus moves into Scorpio. Professionally it is a good time for you to start new ventures. You may also start a new venture into various business ideas. Professional people may go for a job change for betterment. Luck will surely favor you. Also, you have the capabilities for a better and more fulfilling life ahead. Your diligence and hard work will soon pay off. Your financial condition will get better with time. Romantic life will be satisfactory. Try to spend quality time with your partner. On the same day, Mercury advances into Virgo. Health is an issue that is going to trouble you consistently. Any old disease may reappear and prove to be a source of concern. Children will also make you worry a bit. Keep an eye on their activities to keep them safe and sound. Unexpected monetary profit will surely benefit you. It may be a lottery or something else, but the gain will happen for sure. Love life will be smooth, but problems may show up if you care about marriage prospects. The Sun enters Libra this month and brings in a period of wealth and fortune for you. You will enjoy good health, as your ailments will reduce with time. You will be relieved from the problems troubling you in the past. Love life will prosper like never before. Try to realize your partner's care and concern for you. Marriage is on the card. So, you can take a step further in your serious relationship. A good professional life will prevail. It will help you to attain mental peace and financial stability. Mars advances into Libra on 22nd October. Be alert of those who want to ruin your professional career by defaming you. Try to be vigilant about their activities. Trust your instincts and work hard. Success is sure to follow you. Abnormally high expenses will be a matter of concern. No savings are indicated as of now, so be very careful while spending money. Romance will take backstage as of now. Also, avoid serious discussions with your partner. Venus moves into Sagittarius on 30th October. Professional benefits will help you claim your dignity with ease. You will also be able to attain mental peace and stability. You may purchase something at home, like a piece of furniture or showpiece item. Property-related gains will help you improve your financial conditions. It is a great time to venture into something new, especially a business prospect. The stars will favor you. It is a good time for those who are in media, acting, or a similar profession. It will be a good month for Aquarius natives. You will be able to achieve everything you aimed for in life. Success will be slow but steady. Focus on your work, and your hard work will pay off at some point soon. Make sure that you maintain a positive attitude towards life. Everything will fall into place very soon.
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This month promises new romance in your life.

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