Aquarius Monthly Horoscope

( April, 2021 )

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Deepening cordial relationships with younger people is key for you this month, thanks to Venus moving into Aries on the 10th. Promoting strong relationships with the next generation helps you develop and progress in a significant number of ways. On the 1st, Mercury moves into Pisces, which brings about financial prosperity and heightened cash flow. Those of you who work in performing arts or are students will enjoy an outstanding period. Now is the time for you to strike it big! On the 16th, Mercury moves into Aries, and you may find yourself wanting to progress in some way either by initiating something new or by enrolling in some course or project that enables you to work on a new skill set. You won’t be content to sit idly by and let life tick on. You want to change. On the 14th, Mars moves into Gemini, and the sun moves into Aries, which may cause a few struggles and problems, especially if you are a parent. However, what is so remarkable about this period is that you’ll learn a lot about who truly has your back and may be pleasantly surprised to see just how many people truly support and encourage all your endeavors. All air signs favor relationship, connection, communication, and collaboration. These things enliven you. They are a large part of why you are here. To commune, exchange, share wisdom, knowledge, and ideas, just as early humans exchanged words to create language. When we come together, we evolve. Doesn’t it feel satisfying to share that experience with your fellow man? Although you are often offbeat and seem to march to a different drum, you can be so far ahead of your fellows, and your ideas can push boundaries. There is so much to be explored. Dive in! Bring others into the party, be generous with yourself and allow others to contribute. This is how things flourish and are taken to the next level. As no man is an island, we must welcome in those who can help propel us. A trustworthy individual, you can practice detachment and discernment, but a little warmth takes you a long way and endears you greatly to your peers and betters. Now is the time to talk, show people who you are, what you think, and what you’re made of! They will be impressed.

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