This week you`ll find yourself concerned about your eating habits.Your health is not necessarily suffering now, but it would still do you some good to improve your diet. You are likely to increase your fibre intake and also eat more fruits and vegetables. Try to include organic food in your diet, as it is free of preservatives and insecticides and therefore is better for your overall well-being.
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Today your health may falter slightly. Just be cautious about what you eat and try to avoid oily and spicy foods. To maintain your energy and good health, take it easy today and don`t be too adventurous in trying new foods. Show some restraint.
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Today is a day to focus on improving your diet. Identify those small areas in which you sneak unhealthy snacks and then don`t count them as part of your calorie intake. Small snacks are fine, but then you have to decide how you`re going to work them off. Be realistic with yourself, and make sure that you are concretely working towards the fitness goals you have set.
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Taurus is represented by the bull that can come charging on by its horns, but only if you manage to annoy him enough. Otherwise, the third sign of the zodiac is highly unlikely to throw themselves into arguments and confli...

Anushka Sharma

Anushka Sharma

The very young and bubbly Taurean Anushka made her mark in Bollywood in a very short span of time. She could not have asked for a better debut than Rab Ne Bana

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