Taurus Lover

Taurus Lover

Taurus is truly the epitome of the earth goddess signs on the zodiac. You are known to be one of the most patient and content among all creatures. To put simply you are happy when your sexual needs are fulfilled but uncomplaining even when they are not met. You may represent the ‘raging bull’ but you never show that side of you.

Taureans are known to be family oriented and most of their time is well spent in the company of their loved ones. You believe in trust and fidelity in your relationships. Definitely large hearted, you always believe in putting your family’s needs above your own and make sure to get along with different kinds of people until they try to dominate you. You, of all signs cannot be dominated, because you believe in possession-no, not the exorcist kind of possession. But a lifelong possession of the people you love.

You ae not a believer in the sudden storm of love which means you are not very fast when it comes to the matters of the heart. You will test your partner for a long time, very long time before you commit and think to settle down. Someone who is looking for thrills in a relationship should move away from you. You are not only patient and content but also predictable and reliable, being spontaneous and daring doesn’t excite to the slightest bit.

You will shower your partner with all the attention, affection and romance indeed no doubt in that. But the problem arises when the possessive side of you becomes active. You don’t feel the temptation to stray away but you can get annoyingly possessive and jealous if you have the slightest hint that your partner’s attention is diverted. You maybe loving and patient but sub consciously you have the tendency to make your partner feel suffocated. Your possessive nature is your most negative trait. The more you love your partner, the more possessive you get. This might not go well with a lot of people, and in many occasions this might be the only reason that your partner chooses to part ways with you. Just keep it under control and don’t try to own your partner, everything should be well and good if you can keep your possessive nature under control.

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