Taurus Season

Preface: Welcome the feel good and chill vibes

Taurus birth dates start on April 20th and the season ends on May 20th. While still being in the spring season Taurus month comes with the same mood as the Aries month but with alterations to mindset and your personality. Taurus zodiac dates are all about taking it easy in your life. After completely indulging yourself in pondering over what course of life you should take and what new seed you should plant in your life, the Taurus season teaches you to lay low.

The zodiac sign Taurus is ruled by planet Venus and thus the season is known to be full of pleasure, love, and beauty. It reminds you to clutch onto smaller pleasures of life, as small as taking a morning walk or talking with an old friend. This feels that a good season is showering its warmth on you and this is the right time to grasp as much as you can from this, for your own good.

Taurus being the fixed earth sign gives you the chance to celebrate your earthly qualities. You have rekindled the spark of enjoying new ideas past season. Now, is the time to reconnect with the grounded delights; small things that you really enjoyed in your life. Let the Taurus month loosen up your stiff inner self and make things more breathable for your soul.

Taurus Season

There might have been many things that you want to do, crossing your mind daily. You would have been working on them too but this month is more about focusing your energy on what is important and worthy in real. It is ok to leave certain projects and ideas behind in this Taurus season. This month surround yourself with things you love to do, instead of things you were doing.

The month has not come to make you lethargic and take a back seat in the journey of reaching the pinnacle. The month is about sticking to your ideas and shaping them, in a way that it springs beautifully. Taurus season has arrived so you can celebrate your individuality and understand your worth. You must indulge in something that inspires you, something in which your soul believes, something which doesn't satisfy the materialistic norms but soothe your insides. 

If you have been working hard then consider this season to be a gifted pause in your life. Because from time to time it is important to just let it be and enjoy life as it comes, rather than always trying to shape it. Revisit the memory lanes, indulge in conversations that were buried under dust, talk about your relationships, your childhood, your first dates. Small things and conversations can bring greater meaning to your life in this Taurus month.

In the Taurus birth dates, the presence of Uranus will be seen. This means that there will be times of unrest and some evolution. In moments like this, it is important to not lose the spark and your faith. Venus will balance this unexpected phase with pleasure and sensuality in your lives.

Taurus Month in General

Taurus month is going to be extremely good for all the Earth signs. Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorns are going to find inner happiness in this season. In the times so hard, it is wise to look after your inner self and leave worldly matters at bay. For a Taurus, this season will bring stability in terms of money and finances. If talking about relationships then you can find yourself getting into deeper things with your partner. It will be a very satisfying season for you.
Virgos and Capricorns need to brace their energies. You can analyze what you have become and how good it can feel to be in touch with friends and family and not remain disconnected with everything regularly.

Taurus season can be hard for Scorpios and Sagittarius. You might find it hard to continue with the ever so same routine. Scorpios are out of their comfort zone by being surrounded by people. For Sagittarius, the bland routine will get on their nerves sooner or later. Your behaviour might be criticized by your closed ones. By keeping calm and indulging in meaningful things, you might be able to cope with these fragile changes.

The Taurus month will bring the natural ability to forgive and forget the past grievances, if only you are ready to let go.

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