Taurus Traits

Taurus Traits

Taureans are born between April 21 and May 21 and belong to the part of the zodiac's Earth element. The collective Earth sign is rational, aloof, determined, optimistic and materialistic. They feel the importance of constantly surrounding themselves with love and beauty, turning to the material world, egoism, and physical pleasures. People born as Taurus are romantic and tactile, with the most critical of all senses being touch and taste considered. Stable and traditional, this is one of the zodiac's most trustworthy signs, ready to withstand and conform to its decisions until they hit the point of personal satisfaction.

Bull that acts as the emblem of the Taurus, and along with that comes the implication that their characteristics include being stubborn and bull-headed. Bulls are probably among the most realistic and trustworthy signs of the zodiac and they are content to amble along in search of their objectives, as it were. The good thing for Bulls is they must swaddle themselves in material goods until they get to the finish line.

Taurus is ruled by Venus, a glamorous goddess who didn't deny anything of herself. Venus was the Goddess of Love, Beauty, and Pleasure in ancient Roman mythology, and Taurus has picked up almost where she left off. Bulls like all things beautiful, be it at home or on stage.

Taurus Positive Traits

Kind and Trustworthy 

They are trustworthy individuals who love to maintain relationships until the end because you have won their affection. They are very compassionate and full of love. They don't play games and prefer to be straight forward and frank with the people around them. They keep everybody's inner secret.


A natural-born team leader, they have good competencies in perception and interpretation. Taurus people have the potential to diagram, strategize, solve problems or execute plans. They are rational and are concerned with reality and not fiction. They have the opportunity to screen out the people that's right for the project.


Sometimes people call on them for advice because they're full of common sense. They are methodical in their approach to practice and well-known for their critical thought. That's why the closed ones are getting advice from them when they're in difficult circumstances or when they have to make big life decisions. When coping with this they give them a good dose of common sense.


They're neither afraid of waiting nor nervous about it. They live life at a slower rate. They are very generous with the job they do. Having studied it from all angles they have a deep-held desire to contemplate things and plan the next step. And they are completely honest and committed to their decision. They’ve got the courage to wait for the results.


They are well organized and handle it all well. Before strategizing some project or case, they'll see sharp specifics and finer stuff. They are a good finisher and can face all the difficulties. They know how to use the tact and resourcefulness in the right way to get things out.

Taurus Negative Traits


Horns are horns, but they're easy to go and polite.


They are looking for warmth and a life of luxury. They are packed with ambitious dreams to make it big and they want to live a healthy and wealthy life. Sometimes they get a taste of the finer things in life. Typically they work hard enough from time to time. They have no problem indulging themselves. They prefer to waste unnecessary money and energy for the sake of luxuries and comforts of life.


They're pretty lazy and chilled out, and always laid back. They've got a relaxed disposition and a presence of mind. They love taking time off the day-to-day tasks to relax and enjoy life.


Their relation to the material world will often make both people and objects a little possessive. They lack maturity and their self-esteem is weak. They just hate when someone checks their friend out or praises them. They seem to be possessive of anything they like.


They can tend to be rude and ignorant of other people’s emotions.

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