Taurus Moon

Before we head into the Moon in Taurus, let's just talk for a moment about the Moon. The Moon is the celestial body which moves fastest in the sky. Since it is going so quickly, every month the Moon spends a little over 2 days in each zodiac sign! Looking at your own Astrology Birth Chart, you will see what your lunar sign was at the time you were born.

It doesn't matter where your Moon sign is because we're all feeling the power of a Taurus Moon for a few days a month. When the Moon is in Taurus there is a commitment to having what we want, because Taurus is specifically focused to meet our needs. If there are things you've been looking for, then there's no better way to make them happen than a Taurus Moon.

Taurus is uncomplicated, and just wants to satiate the senses. A Taurus Moon gives us a desire for a complete belly, a sense of comfort, to know there is money in the bank. Perhaps some of those things are things we already like, but when the Moon is in Taurus, we are more attracted to them. They are the things that are going to make us feel good right away.

Now, you may feel a desire for more comfort and protection. Forge yourself through the pure joy of being here, adored by gravity, the unseen embrace of Earth. Walkout to a freshly mowed lawn. Celebrate the voice: yell, sing or whisper. Sure, Taurus is goal-oriented, but it's also about keeping a harmonious balance. Be aware — the Taurus Moon makes feeling stubborn easily. Yet often in a changing world, such power will overcome itself. Don't seek to move objects which are immovable.

Born with Moon in Taurus

Your Sun sign is probably already familiar to you — the sign reflecting your outer self, the person you reveal to the world. The name, time, and place of your birth can be used to measure your Moon sign (natal Moon). Knowing both is important because while your Sun sign represents your external personality, your Moon sign reflects your inner self. It's all about thoughts, traditions, instincts and unconsciousness. The Moon is your emotional being, just remember that.

Taurus is the first Zodiac Fixed Sign. It is Bull. Have you ever heard of a bull heading someone? This describes Taureans, as they still have a desire to enter wherever they need to go. This gives them the courage to put the effort in, and stick it out when it gets rough. There can be nothing in the way of a Taurus who has determined what they want!

If you were born in Taurus with the Moon, it's called a blessing, as it's all about your needs being met. Whether it's nice sheets, delicious food, or good music, in everything you do, a Taurus needs to experience a sense of pleasure. When a Taurus is imbued with rewarding encounters, everything in their universe is perfect.

The governing planet of Taurus is Venus. Venus is concerned with money and heart problems and has a sensual quality to it, which enhances the force of attraction. If you were born in Taurus under a Moon, you're most likely attracted to beauty, passion and creativity.

People with the Moon in Taurus appear to be very romantic and good looking. Their personality is robust and attractive. They have a stunning, short-haired face. They are a compassionate and generous person who always wants to support those in need. The successful placement of Venus gives them the resources and riches life has to offer.

There is a soothing serenity about them. Actually, it really takes a lot to get to them. They do get off-centre every now and then, though. For starters, they aren't the most adaptable people when they disrupt their own routine.

While some Lunar Taureans can be considered rigid, they have a more stubborn streak that makes them resistant to change. They are seldom random types. Such natives are unfamiliar with surprises, and value stability. At the same time, their needs are intense but relatively simple – they enjoy the "positive things" in life. For these natives the world of the five senses is all-important. They may be made slaves to the routine by their desire for order and steadiness. They are faithful and willing individuals, however.

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