Taurus Personality Taurus Personality

Taurus Personality

Taurus, you are as solid as a rock, and some may even say that you are the most dependable in all of the zodiac, making you an excellent employee or friend. Loyal and loving, you are not so fond of change, especially when you have your routines set. You Taurus prefer a comfortable life. Change is perhaps what you need to embrace the most. Having said that you have immense perseverance. Taurus, you might not always lead the way but you will build on what is already there and you have the patience to see a project through to the end.

There is a self indulgent and lazy side to you aswell Taurus, but as far as you are concerned it is more than okay to indulge in life's pleasures, especially where materials and foods are concerned. You are generally easy going, but you like your own way, and are extremely independent. This makes the Taurus come across a little stubborn at times, and if anyone crosses your path too hard then they might see the rage of the bull come out! This stubbornness is also what helps you through life, and is a part of your ability to persevere.


The life of the rich and the famous attracts the Taurus personality and you love to live your life comfortably. You seek material comforts a lot more then the other zodiac signs. Taurus, you must keep your mind open to new ideas in order to make your life better. Be open to change and see how magically your life improves! The temptation to acquire the luxuries of life is what really drives you to succeed. Taurus, you make a wonderful friend and your easygoing personality gels well with Capricorn.


Taurus dislikes change more than anything else. They do not like it when others push them to do something challenging. They don't like making adjustments and getting out of their comfort zone. A life without comfort is no life at all for Taurus. They want all the facilities that make life easier and can really lose their cool when they are deprived of it.


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