Today tally up the amount of debt you owe on all fronts, including on your credit cards. Beware of the lure of shopping on credit and use that spending mechanism wisely. Be realistic about your total amount debt and put into place a concrete action plan for resolving it. Keeping yourself in the dark about your debt will definitely not serve you well. Ask for help from your family to get out of it.
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Today is a great day to give in to your recent desires to donate money to a good cause. This will not only encourage you to help someone in need but give you peace of mind as well. There are plenty of worthy causes, and your recent feelings of generosity will bring great relief to someone else. You will also experience the joy associated with giving today. Give away the money wisely.

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The cash outflows are inordinately high during this period. Today you will find that money is leaving your bank account faster than it came in. If this trend continues you could be in serious trouble. Try to minimize your expenses and your purchases, though you may only be able to limit them so much. Only spend money today on necessities as there will be plenty of them and no room for luxuries.
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