Priyanka Gandhi - General Secretary Of Congres

Priyanka Gandhi - General Secretary Of Congres

It is safe to assume that Priyanka was bound to join the ‘family business’. Born to the renowned politicians Rajiv Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi, and the granddaughter of Feroze and Indira Gandhi, Priyanka Gandhi, also known by her married name, Priyanka Gandhi Vadra, finally took her place as a politician in the political party, Indian National Congress.
As a member of the politically prominent Nehru-Gandhi family, this ingress into the party, despite being so close to the upcoming Lok Sabha elections, has been done quite easily. She was appointed as the current General Secretary of the All India Congress Committee, in charge of eastern Uttar Pradesh on 7th February, 2019. She is also a Trustee of the Rajiv Gandhi Foundation. Since her entry into politics, Priyanka has become a popular figure, maybe even more so than her brother, Rahul Gandhi.
The 2019 general elections will be in the months of April and May. However, this should not be too stressful for the ‘newcomer’ as she helped manage and campaign her mother’s election in 2004, and even helped her brother with the Uttar Pradesh assembly elections in 2007. On January 23, 2019, Priyanka Gandhi formally entered politics, being appointed the Congress' General Secretary in charge of the eastern part of Uttar Pradesh.
In this article, we will take a dive at the astrological aspect of Priyanka Gandhi and how this election would turn up to be for her. Questions like her changing the whole scenario for Congress Party and emerging as a successful leader, her becoming a prominent figure of Indian Politics, her chances of success and what may happen overall in these elections will get an answer here.

Astrological Analysis of Priyanka Gandhi

Name – Priyanka Vadra Gandhi
Date of Birth – 12th January, 1972
Place – Delhi
Time – 17.50 pm

Based on the date and time of birth of Priyanka Gandhi, her moon sign becomes Scorpio, ascendant of which is Gemini. At the moment, there is Venus’s Maha Yog in her birth chart along with Saturn’s Antardasha which resulted in her taking charge of the Indian National Congress and becoming the General Secretary. Venus is present in the 9th house which is also the house of father, indicating that Priyanka might get to take over the work of her late father. Jupiter is in the 10th house making Hansh Mahayog which result in positive outcome at work place. Presence of Mars in her work house also suggests good results for her. Connection of Sun and Mercury in Gandhi’s birth chart also creates Aditya Yog which will give Priyanka a milestone in her political career. But, Saturn is in the 12th house which might affect her luck factor. Presence of moon in the 6th house will provide strength to the opposition.
The upcoming 2019 general elections will be beneficial for Priyanka as an individual but the effects on her party will be not much to go with.

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