Arvind Kejriwal - Aam Aadmi Party President

Arvind Kejriwal - Aam Aadmi Party President

The 7th Chief Minister of Delhi since February 2015, Arvind Kejriwal is one of the founders and the leader of the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP). He, alongside Yogendra Yadav, Prashant Bhushan, Shazia Ilmi, and Anand Kumar founded the party in 2012, and it is the current ruling party of the National Capital Territory of Delhi. Before his entry into Indian politics, Kejriwal previously worked in the Income Tax department in New Delhi, as a Joint Commissioner in the Indian Revenue Service. He studied mechanical engineering in Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Kharagpur. In the grassroot movement, he used the Right to Information legislation in a campaign to fight corruption.
Changing the scenario of Indian politics, a former bureaucrat to a successful politician, Kejriwal formed his own party, the Aam Aadmi Party at Jantarmantar in November 2012. After launching AAP, the party won the 2013 Delhi Legislative Assembly election, beating Sheila Dixit by a huge margin of 25864 votes and Kejriwal became the Chief Minister of Delhi in December 2013. However, he resigned weeks after due to poor support from other political parties on his proposed anti-corruption bill. He came back to power in 2015 assembly elections when his party formed the government with a record 67 seats out of 70. The upcoming 2019 elections will see Kejriwal contesting against BJP as well as Congress.
In this article, we will take a dive at the astrological aspect of Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal and how this election would turn up to be for him. Questions like him becoming the Chief Minister of Delhi yet again, his chances at having success and what may happen overall in these elections will get an answer here.

Astrological Analysis of Arvind Kejriwal

Name – Arvind Kejriwal
Date of Birth – 16thAugust, 1968
Place – Hisaar, Haryana
Time – 23.46 pm

Based on his date and time of birth, moon sign of Arvind Kejriwal is Taurus as well as the ascendant. Presence of Moon in the sign provides success to people in the political front, along with developing a sense of attraction among others for them. Mercury allows the person to be open and communicative without any fear. Currently there is Jupiter’s Mahadasha in Kejriwal’s birth chart which will bring both good and bad news to him.
Mercury and Sun are creating Budha Aditya Yog due to which he has been involved in the administrative front. Formation of Neech Bhang Rajyog and Panch Grahi Yog will provide success at the workplace and chance to achieve higher position of authority. The house of the masses has presence of four planets which will make him be in good reputation of the people. The current circumstances however, suggest unfavourable times for Kejriwal. There is presence of struggle which has existed since March 2018 due to Jupiter’s Mahadasha and Rahu’s Antardasha. This will have a negative impact on Kejriwal this time around and he might not find success in the upcoming 2019 general elections.
Along with this, there is Saturn’s Dhaiya over him which causes trouble. Kejriwal’s birth chart contains Kaal Sarp Dosh which too will affect his popularity among the masses. The upcoming elections will deliver mixed results for Arvind Kejriwal with unclear results unless and until he plans to make an alliance with another party, to which he might end up with success.

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