Mamata Banerjee - TMC President

Mamata Banerjee - TMC President

Founder and President of the Trinamool Congress and current Chief Minister of West Bengal, Mamata Banerjee or more popularly known as Didi is the front leader in the demand of an establishment of the Third Front in the upcoming elections of 2019. Banerjee began her political journey in the year 1970 as a member of the Indian National Congress.
Banerjee founded the All India Trinamool Congress (AITC or TMC) in 1998 after separating from the Indian National Congress. She was the first female Rail minister of the country and worked at the designation twice. She was also the first female Minister of Coal and Minister of State for Human Resource Development, Youth Affairs, Sports, Women and Child Development in the cabinet of the Indian government. She saw her first victory in the face of a landslide victory for her party TMC, defeating the 34-year-old Communist Party of India (Marxist) and she became the youngest member of the parliament.
In 2011, the All India Trinamool Congress along with SUCI and the Indian National Congress won the West Bengal legislative assembly election against the incumbent Left Alliance by securing 227 seats, TMC taking over 184 seats, INC 42 and SUCI secured 1 seat and Banerjee took her first term as the Chief Minister of West Bengal. In 2014 general elections, BJP did not secure as many seats as it hoped to but it made a comeback in the year 2016 when it became the second largest party in the Legislative Assembly forcing Banerjee to give a deep thought to her plan for ruling the state and someday the country and her authoritative future. And so with the nearing 2019 General Elections she became the first to suggest a third front as the contest will be directly between TMC and BJP and Banerjee would not want to give up her seat.
In this article, we will take a dive at the astrological aspect of Mamata Banerjee and how this election would turn up to be for her. Questions like her becoming the Prime Minister for the first time, the chief minister yet again and what may happen overall in these elections will get an answer here.

Astrological Analysis of Mamata Banerjee

Name –Mamata Banerjee
Date of Birth –5th January, 1955
Place – Kolkata, West Bengal
Time– 19:00

According to Mamata Banerjee’s birth chart, her moon sign is Taurus, of which Capricorn is the ascendant. Mamata was born in the 3rd phase of Kritika Nakshatra. Currently there is Saturn’s Mahadasha and Sun’s Antardasha with Pratyantar dasha of Rahu. These dashas result in providing fame and success to people and so Mamata will experience the same to the highest extent. As Saturn sits as the ascendant ruler and in the workhouse with higher prospect, she will gain respect, authority and fame in her professional front.
During the time of elections, precisely from 16th April there will be Jupiter’s transit in her birth chart which will affect her heath badly. Along with that she might also suffer financial losses. Banerjee’s birth chart contains Moon in higher prospect and in the 5th house, giving her mental strength to move forward even in such situations. Due to the presence of Saturn and Sun both in her charts, she might have a mixed overall effect on the masses. While Saturn will provide her fame even with negative speech, Sun on the other hand, with Rahu will create trouble in seeking positive outcomes for her. Her speech will be corrupted due to the presence of Mercury in the 12th house and this will have a negative effect on the audience, jeopardising her plans for the 2019 general elections. This condition will also cause some internal damage and betrayal on her part by party members.
The 2019 elections will give her fame and authority but betrayal will follow, shaking her overall outcome in the upcoming general elections.

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