General Elections 2019

General Elections 2019

The Election Commission of India announced the Election dates on 10th March for the 2019 General Elections marking the start of the most crucial political phenomena in the country and the biggest democratic exercise in the world. As soon as the dates were announced, all the major parties like BJP, Congress and third parties geared up and began their preparations. The 2019 elections will constitute legislative assembly elections of the 6 states along with elections of Rajya Sabha, Lok Sabha and other by-election in associations with local body councils and state legislative assemblies. In the 2019 General Elections, over 820 million voters would be eligible to vote and among these, approximately 15 million are first time voters. Millions of voters with smartphones, access to the internet, whatsapp, facebook and twitter will have a huge influence on the results of these elections and political parties will definitely enhance their social media presence in order to connect with more and more voters.

The elections are set to undergo in the months of April and May, 2019 constituting the seventeenth Lok Sabha Legislative assembly. These elections will be a clear contest between the major parties of rule in India; BJP and Congress.

Political Outlook of the Elections

Among the 543 lok sabha seats whichever party manages to claim 272 seats by majority or tie ups emerges as the ruling party for the next five years. The 2014 elections saw BJP as the direct champions with 282 seats in their bucket. Congress on the other hand managed to acquire 44 seats.
Presently, BJP is in alliance with NDA whereas INC is with UPA which is being referred to as ‘Mahagathbandhan’.
While NDA alliance, under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi would want to be victorious again in the 2019 elections just like last time, with their claims to acquire a total of 300 plus seats this time around and triumph for a second run.
The biggest third party alliance till date, Mahagathbandhan, on the other hand has high hopes for this electoral season with the goal of defeating BJP and gaining back the power they had prior to 2014. Even though they haven’t finalized under what leadership the party will contest the 2019 elections, Rahul Gandhi remains the unofficial choice for their side among several other potential candidates from different parties who are a part of the Mahagathbandhan.

Timeline of the 2019 General Elections

The dates for the elections are out and the Election commission of India has divided the General Elections of 2019 into 7 phases or rounds which shall be completed in the months of April and May. We at Astroyogi will deliberate about the astrological significance of the 7 phases, dates of Election, date of nomination, date of withdrawal of nomination and other countenance surrounding the 2019 elections.

The 7 Phases of Elections

First Phase
The first phase of the 2019 General Elections will be held on 11th April in 20 states for a total of 91 seats. Candidates will be able to nominate their names on 25th March which will lead to a verification of the information provided by them on 26th March. If a candidate wishes to withdraw their candidacy then they will be able to do so on 28th March.

Second Phase
Conducted over 13 states, the second phase of the General Election 2019 will be held on 18th April for a total of 97 seats. While the candidates will be able to enroll their names on 26th March, verification of the registered candidates will be done on 27th March. For withdrawal of candidacy the date will be 29th March.

Third Phase
Election commission has set the date of 23rd April for the third phase of voting. On this day, voters of 14 states will vote for a total of 115 seats. Date of nomination for the third phase is set on 4th April, verification on 5th and withdrawal of nomination on 8th April.

Fourth Phase
The fourth phase voting for a total of 71 seats covering 9 states will be done in of the 2019 General Elections. The date fixed by the Election Commission for the voting is of 29th April. Nominations can be made on 9th April and verifications will be done on 10th April. Candidates can withdraw their applications on 12th April.

Fifth Phase
The fifth phase of General Elections 2019 will be held on 6th May. Voters from 7 states will vote for a total of 51 seats. Candidates can enrol their names on 18th April for the fifth phase, while verifications will be done on 20th April. Withdrawal of names can be done on 22nd April.

Sixth Phase
According to the Election Commission, the sixth phase of the 2019 General Elections will be conducted on 12th May. On this day, 7 states will vote for a total of 59 seats. Nominations for the 6th phase will be done on April 23rd and verification of the documents provided by the nominees will be carried out on 24th April. Withdrawal of nomination will be done on 26th April.

Seventh Phase
Voting for a total of 59 seats, covering 8 states to be done on 19th May will mark the seventh phase of the 2019 General elections. Enrolment of Nomination will be done on 29thth April and verifications for the same will be done on 30th April. Candidates will be able to withdraw their names on 2nd May.

Results of the 2019 General Elections

Results will be announced after the seven phases of voting will be over and the date set for this is of 23rd May. Only time will tell who will emerge out to be victorious in the 2019 General Elections. But we can surely give our readers a precise astrological analysis of the candidates, their parties, how their stars will be, will luck be a winning factor or will it depend entirely on the popularity of the candidate. What will be the mood of voters, will they choose on the basis of work or on the basis of political roots. All of this and other aspects surrounding these elections will undergo the lens of the astrologers at Astroyogi.

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