All India Trinamool Congress (TMC)

All India Trinamool Congress (TMC)

The leading front with the concept of forming a third party in the upcoming general elections, Trinamool Congress was established on 1st January 1998 by Mamata Banarjee after she parted ways with the Indian National Congress. Currently Trinamool Congress is the 4th largest party of Indian Politics.

After laying the foundation and forming one of the biggest parties in the country at present, Trinamool Congress had its first win in the 1998 General Elections where they managed to claim a total of 8 seats. After this win the party continued to move in the direction of positive results. In the 2001 State Assembly elections, AITC managed to get a total of 60 seats, making them the second largest party in the state at that time. AITC had its biggest win in the 2011 Bengal Assembly Elections when the part, under the leadership of Mamata Banerjee defeated the 34 year old Communist Party of India (Marxist)- led Left Front government. AITC secured a total of 184 seats out of 294 and with the alliance of other parties; Mamata was sworn as the Chief Minister after this win.

The 2019 general elections are nearing and in this season of elections, how will the stars perform for the All India Trinamool Congress and will the party win yet again in the state, how the upcoming season will be for AITC, here is the astrological analysis.

Astrological Analysis of All India Trinamool Congress

Party Name – All India Trinamool Congress
Date of establishment – 1stJanuary, 1998

Sun Sign of AITC is Capricorn, ruling planet is Saturn which is creating favourable outcomes for the party. Currently, there is Dasha of Rahu which can give half and half results to the party. Presence of four planets together makes a Chaturthgrahi Yog which is going to be lucky for the party. AITC will see growth in their popularity in the upcoming general elections. Along with this, Mars is of higher prospect creating beneficial results for the party. There will be full confidence and enthusiasm among the party members.

Due to the presence of Venus, which is the lord of communications, the party may have corrupted appearance among the masses which will force them to not vote for AITC. The party may also go through financial crunch. Luck is not in favour or the party in the upcoming 2019 general elections. There is Rahu’s Mahadasha with Saturn’s Anatardasha and Sun’s Pratayantar Dasha, all of which is indicating in differences and disputes among the party. Moon along with Rahu will also create mistrust among the party members. Presence of Saturn in the workplace will also cause troubles. The 2019 general elections might not give desirable results to the party.

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