Manoj Tiwari - Delhi BJP President

Manoj Tiwari - Delhi BJP President

The multitalented superstar of Bihar, Manoj Tiwari is a famous face in the Indian Politics. With his smiling face and bold speeches Tiwari has managed to earn the spot of a good politician among the masses. From actor, singer to politician, his journey has been great. Currently, Tiwari is the head of the BJP organisation in Delhi. His political career began when he contested in the 2009 national elections for the Samajwadi Party for the Gorakhpur constituency where he lost to Yogi Adityanath.
In 2013 he joined the Bharatiya Janata Party and due to his popularity and fame he was given the ticket to contest in the 2014 Indian General elections as a BJP candidate. He won the North East Delhi Lok Sabha constituency defeating Anand Kumar from AAP with huge margin of 1, 44,084 votes.
He was appointed as the Head of the BJP Delhi Region on 30th November, 2016. Since then Tiwari has been vocal about his thoughts and how he opposes Kejriwal’s agenda and plans for the capital. He has been very successful in creating a stronger and more popular image of BJP in the Delhi region.
In this article, we will take a dive at the astrological aspect of Manoj Tiwari and how this election would turn up to be for him. Will BJP, under his leadership beat AAP or they will form the opposition will all be analysed here.

Astrological Analysis of Manoj Tiwari

Name –Manoj Tiwari
Date of Birth –1st February, 1971
Place – Kimur, Bihar
Time– 12:00 noon

Based on the data available, Manoj Tiwari was born in the Aries ascendant. Lord of Aries is Mars which sits in its own sign. His birth chart indicates that the 9th house, which is the house of fortune is occupied by Mercury and Venus which provides a person with success in the field of art. The Sun is in the 10th house which provides fame and respect and all of this can easily be observed in the persona of Manoj Tiwari. There is Kendra Trikon Rajyog in his birth chart which gives him honour and a position of authority. A person of such circumstances is always successful and happy in their life. Presence of Rahu allows unexpected success along with the opportunity to enter into politics.
Apart from all this, Mercury commands the communication aspect of such people making them musical and polite. All these planetary characteristics add sparks to Tiwari’s personality and make him popular among others. Saturn makes a person dedicated towards doing good for the community and take up charge when needed to make things right. The association of Saturn and Moon however, creates unfavourable situations and presence of Saturn in the 7th house with lower prospect causes differences in marriage and leads to divorce in most cases.
Along with Rajyog in Tiwari’s birth chart, there is Saral Yog which makes a person be brave, wealthy and famous. Currently, there is Managal dasha of Mars over Manoj Tiwari which will last July 2020. This condition is going to provide him very favourable results and the upcoming General elections can be in his favour. All he needs is a little patience.

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