When Will You Meet Your Soulmate? Your Zodiac Sign Can Tell!

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When Will You Meet Your Soulmate? Your Zodiac Sign Can Tell!

Meeting your soulmate with whom you are meant to spend your whole life is nothing less than extraordinary! If you are wondering when you will meet your soulmate, your zodiac sign has the answer! Read to know at what age you'll find your soulmate.

Whether you like it or not, soulmates exist! This is why "When will I find my soulmate?" or "When will I meet my true love?" are questions that most people usually have in their minds. Finding your soulmate is a feeling that cannot be explained in words. However, what can be said is that it is a life-altering experience. You can come across the person you are meant to be with at any time, whether when you are incredibly young or quite late in life.

Your soulmate is your lover, partner, problem-solver, and confidante. They are the ones who take your relationship to a whole new level. With a soulmate, you not only have romance in your life, but they also offer you happiness, contentment, friendship, confidence, love, and so much more. If you don't want to miss out on meeting your soulmate, astrology can help you.

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What Age Will You Meet Your Soulmate, As Per Your Zodiac Sign?

The process of finding your soulmate is quite tedious. One goes through many heartbreaks and bittersweet experiences in one's search for one's soulmate. Some lucky people meet their soulmate quite young, whereas others have to go through many heartbreaks until they meet their perfect match. There are also many others who realize after years that their soulmate has always been by their side.

If you are wondering- "What age will I find my soulmate?" astrology can help inform which age you will find your soulmate based on your zodiac sign. Knowing what age you can meet your soulmate can help safeguard your heart. Additionally, you wouldn't have to worry about missing out on them. 

Below is the age when you meet your soulmate based on your zodiac sign.


The fireball of the zodiac sign, Aries, will come across their soulmate when discovering what they want in life, figuring themselves out, and developing their maturity. These natives will most likely find their soulmate in their early 20s, especially around the age of 25. This will also be a critical time for their soulmates to see how Aries natives are, check the love compatibility, and grow together in a committed relationship.

During this time, Aries natives will be busy living their life and pursuing career goals. With their soulmate by their side, they can bond together by partaking in adventures. This way, their soulmate will get the chance to get to know them better. This phase of their life is all about enjoying the present, so Aries natives don't need to settle down right away.


Taureans have dreamt about their perfect romance since they were children. This is why the stars above help meet their soulmates during their late teen years, especially when they are 18 years old. Being young and in love always has the uncertainty of whether the relationship will last or not. But it's okay! When Taureans meet their soulmates, they will feel an instant connection and know that they have met their ideal match.

During the teenage years, life seems like a mystery. However, Taureans would be happy that they have someone who understands them and supports them through the uncertainties of life. This young couple might also stand the test of time. Moreover, a soulmate doesn't necessarily have to be a romantic connection for a Taurean. It could be a platonic best friend as well.


The social butterfly, Gemini, would stumble across their soulmate and find true love at the age of 19. However, they won't realize it until years later when they have become more mature. Geminis will click immediately and form an unbreakable bond with this certain someone; however, Geminis won't jump to commit as they wouldn't want to ruin the relationship, or they might not be looking for a serious relationship. However, their soulmate will be with them through thick and thin, and when the time is right, Geminis will instinctively return to their soulmate to ultimately take the plunge.

A Gemini native's soulmate needs to stand out from the crowd and keep them intellectually engaged. Geminis need partners who can keep up with them.

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Cancerians are romantic at heart. They always want a perfect relationship. This is why it's no surprise that they will come across their soulmates when they are 21 years old. Cancerians mature emotionally faster than others, so it's quite easy for them to forge a strong bond with their soulmate at a young age when others might not be ready.

Cancerians are most compatible with zodiac signs who will be able to respect their feelings, accept them wholeheartedly, and make peace with their hypersensitivity. They want their partner to be perfect!


Leos will not find a sincere and committed relationship until they have figured themselves out. This could take some time. They want to enjoy their independence and make the most of their opportunities. Leos mostly don't care about what age they will meet their soulmate as long as their partner can help them realize their own ambitions.

A Leo will meet their soulmate in their late or mid-20s, especially at about 27. By then, Leos would have made a name for themselves and would be on the path that they wanted. This will be the perfect age for Leos to find their soulmate as, at this age, they are old enough to be mature and young enough to enjoy the thrill of new love.


Virgo natives find it challenging to meet a person who can be their soulmate and generate a special connection with them. It takes Virgos a little while to connect with someone on a romantic level. It is not known when they might meet their partner, but their partner will be from their closest circle.

Virgos are the exception to the rule that people have to be in love to find a soulmate. Virgos can find their perfect match in meaningful and deep friendships. The universe can fill their lives with friends who will be like kindred souls and add value to their lives, which is why Virgos consider friendships sacred. Even when Virgos find their life partners, their friends will be like their soulmates.

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Librans meet their soulmate at a time when transitioning between teenage years and adulthood, i.e., at the age of 20. In this turbulent period, when they are trying to strike a balance in their life, Libra natives will come across their soulmate. This will be a time of a lot of soul-searching. And a Libra native's soulmate will come to their rescue at such a time. Sometimes this relationship can break, but they will come back into your life when the time is right.

A Libra native's soulmate will be like their best friend with whom they can talk for hours and who can make them forget about the hardships and uneasiness in their lives. This zodiac sign is also likely to find a soulmate in their best friend with whom they will be able to forge a deeper connection on every level.


It is highly probable that Scorpios will find their soulmate at a tender age, when they are about 17 years old. Still, a child at that age, Scorpios would find it challenging to deal with the massive outpouring of emotions. They would be thrilled to have such a special person, but they would not admit to having strong feelings for them or making any commitment. However, they would want to keep them close.

Scorpios always look for a partner with whom they can spend ample time, and when not together, they are always on the Scorpio native's mind. Whenever they spend time together, it will always feel lively, joyous, and new.


The independent and free-spirited Sagittarians are not big believers in long-term commitments. They enjoy being on their own and not being accountable to anyone. The natives of this zodiac sign won't even consider settling down until their mid-20s as they do not want to settle down at a young age. This is why it makes sense that they will not meet their soulmate until they are around 28. This will be when they are beginning a new chapter in their life.

The universe gives Sagittarians plenty of time to do everything their heart desires before meeting the one they are destined to be with. Their soulmate will understand a Sagittarian's need for freedom.

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Capricorns only commit to a relationship when they're ready. This zodiac sign is known for being practical. They have a lot of reservations about the concept of soulmates. A Capricorn native will always lean towards having a mature relationship. This is why it takes such a long time for them to find the right life partner. Capricorns are likely to meet their soulmates in their early 30s.

Capricorns are more likely to sort out their lives first and then gravitate towards a mature and fruitful relationship. These individuals are also not the people who will go out and search for their soulmates; the soulmates usually have to make their way toward Capricorns.


An Aquarian doesn't fall in love quickly! Love is the last thing that an independent and self-reliant Aquarius focuses on. However, the universe has different plans for them! Aquarians will meet their soulmates at 22 years of age when they are not even thinking about love. 

For Aquarians, finding a soulmate is all about forming a deeper bond with someone rather than just being connected through love and romance. Aquarians need someone as intelligent as they are and with whom they can build a strong friendship. Aquarians will take the relationship slow and concentrate on building a solid foundation first.


A Pisces native loves the idea of fairytale romance and the concept of soulmates. They spend their whole life dreaming about a soulmate. The romantic Piscean will find their perfect match at 19 years old. Falling in love at the young age of 19 means that this romance will have intense meaning for them and will be accompanied by overwhelming emotions.

Pisceans will treat their love story no less than an old-fashioned romance. Their soulmate will give them a taste of how love stories are. Pisces natives will thoroughly enjoy this new relationship as it will open a new exciting chapter in their lives.

Summing Up

When you are with your soulmate, you realize why your other past relationships didn't work out. They make you feel blissful and content. Sometimes you might not even realize they are your soulmate, but as your bond strengthens and love deepens, you can tell that they are more than just a partner.

Whether you are born under a zodiac sign that does not believe in soulmates, or even if you do, the best thing about the universe conspiring you to meet your soulmate is that they will come into your life when you are ready for them. And once they are in your life, no problem will be able to bring you down.

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