Cancer Lover

Cancer Lover

‘Complex’..! You are just like the Crab whose sign you bear. Tough and hard you may be on the exterior but on the inside you are emotional and sensitive. For unfathomable reasons you always find yourself drawn towards people who are just opposite to you in nature. Strong, confident and successful people will never fail to go unnoticed in front of you. If you fall in love with someone it is not very easy for you to express your feelings, blame it on your introvert nature. This is the reason why many of your love stories are one sided, you never express.

Once you are done with the serious wooing from your part and you are committed in a relationship, you give your best shot to your relationship and stay away from acts of flirting or being too friendly with other people. This is the reason why Cancerians are known to be the best partners. In this stage you are more willing to express your commitment to your partner and you nurture them, whether they need it or not. But a person who lays greater importance on maintaining personal space and independence on another extra level may find you clingy and possessive. These kind of people may not be the best match for you if you want to avoid friction and tension in your relationship.

Love is an emotional intimacy for you and above everything else you need to feel wanted and needed in a relationship. You will want to share your innermost feelings with your partner and be perfectly attuned keeping their needs and desires in mind. Since you are an introvert by nature even when you are in love it takes time for you to come out of your shell. Once you are out of that shell you will love your partner with all your heart, it also implies that you have reached a stage where you feel secured in your relationship.

Home and family are your top most priorities and even if you are not married you avoid flings and rather look for long term relationships. Your love for a stable and happy family will find you with pure marital bliss. You maybe emotional but you will be in no hurry to settle down, these decisions are governed by your head. You find joy in cooking for your loved one, a perfect date for you would be cuddling with your partner and enjoying a romantic movie.

But you need to stop taking things personally, any kind of rejection or rebuff from your partner can make you feel depressed. You can get quite sensitive to the slightest negative remark.

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