Cancer Moon

No matter what the signs of the Sun or Moon are, we're all under the influence of the Cancer Moon for a few days a month. We're going to feel a little more delicate, and more fragile than we do during the other months. You are going to have the desire to set up more barriers between you and others to defend yourself. This is one of the tricks of Cancer — staying behind the walls of your castle so you can feel safe. So, you'll feel more protective not only of yourself, but also of those you love, during the transit of the Moon in Cancer.

Cancer is a sign of mothering energy, so you will feel a greater desire to nurture and care for others during this Period, as if everyone were one of your children. Domestic matters will sound more important than normal, and you will find that you want to be surrounded by your loved ones at home. It is a perfect time to invite people to share a meal's stories or to gather friends for a game night.

During the Cancer Moon feelings will be heightened, and if you don't convey how you feel it's easy to get moody. But don't worry, the extra emotion isn't a bad thing to be. You will have an easier time adapting to your emotional needs, giving you a better understanding of what you need to feel fulfilled with your life. 

Born with Moon in Cancer

Your Sun sign stands for the person you are presenting to the world. Your Moon sign (or moon sign of birth) is about how you feel, and the Cancerians are feeling really good. Though with the thick shell they use to cover themselves, you wouldn't know it! They just put up a tough exterior because they are extremely vulnerable, and can easily get hurt.

They are not only mindful of their own emotions — they can sense the emotions of those around them too. Being a symbol of Water they have the gift of insight, so they can quickly pick up on how others feel or what they need. You can't trick a Crab, rest assured, because they can see right through you!

Natives of Moon in Cancer have a wide ability to get in contact with other people's thoughts and moods. They are also very bundled up inside themselves. Their past memories are exceptional particularly for all emotional stuff. People in Cancer never get disconnected from the Moon — they cling to things, their home, and the people they care about. They try comfort and familiarity in everything they do. They are looking for peace and quiet. Their loyalty to anything that's secure means they're just a little leery about change.

Others may lament that Moon in Cancer natives continue to whip a dead horse because of their strong connection to, and memory of, the past. They can linger on hurts long after all the others have moved on. They don't often confront others explicitly when they believe that they have been taken for granted (which can be often!). This is when they're able to use roundabout forms to get recognition. In reality these natives can become very manipulative when they are insecure. Sometimes, they may be victims of habit.

Such people can find it difficult to rationalise their lives, simply because their watery Moon seems to know no boundaries. Often, they can behave irrationally as a result. One of Moon in Cancer's most charming qualities is their loony sense of humour. Such people can be extremely amusing. Their moodiness can baffle some, but most people can appreciate their special outlook on life.

To those born with Moon in Cancer, heart and home matters are extremely important. Deeply loyal, they take their relationships seriously with others, and love to spend time with family and friends. Natural nurturers, they also go out of their way to feel loved by others. No wonder Cancer has a reputation for being the zodiac's "mother sign."

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