Cancer Teen

Cancer Teen

Boy :The Cancer lad is very emotional and apt to mood swings. He often takes offence when none is intended. He is family oriented and a deeply caring person. You can count on him to help out with family chores. He is bound to be involved in sports, preferably those requiring a team effort as he is drawn towards the camaraderie of a team. His hobbies usually involve collecting things. He never throws away anything. He is a natty dresser, though he is certainly not narcisstic . He tends to be a bit of a miser and rarely spends money on himself. Since Cancer rules the stomach, he usually has a healthy appetite, so make sure the fridge is always stocked. He usually makes a good leader and his friends look to him for help and guidance. He is likely to gravitate towards a small college or university where he can build a family environment away from home.

Girl :More emotional than the average girl, she appreciates the nurturing aspects of home and hearth. She is dependable and does not view her duty as a chore, but really a pleasure. A true nurturer, she is a comfort-giver to all around. The Cancer girl goes through life with a shell around her that is not easily cracked. If fact, she can stay in that shell until she's sure it is safe to step outside. Most Cancerians are apt to be crabby from time to time, and the Cancer girl is no exception. However, for most part, she has a cheerful disposition. She takes her studies seriously and can retain information well, thanks to her good memory, which also makes her good at taking exams. She will sail through her exams with flying colours. She is apt to view college merely as a means to a great career rather an end in itself.

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