Cancer Traits

Cancerians are born between June 21 and July 22 and belong to the zodiac's Water element. Water signs are strong and dramatic, and they are often highly intuitive and caring. They ‘get’ people. Cancers are known for their commitment, emotional intensity, and parenting instincts. They'll be the one in the team who knows (and keeps) the secrets, the one that others turn to first, and the one who can almost smell when something is wrong. They're great people to have in your life (though taking them out of it is another matter if you want to)
Cancer is controlled by the moon and this relation is deep, it has a direct effect on their moods, which wax and diminishes as rapidly and strongly as the satellite of our world.
The emblem of Cancer is the Crab, and Cancers are swift to return to their shells if it suits their mood, just like this shelled little critter. No wonder they are called crabby! It's not that big of a deal for Cancer though, because they make this 'box' a second home (and they love it)

Cancer Positive Traits


Cancerians are blessed with vast and wild imaginations that can in a matter of minutes transform a word into a story. So it's unsurprising they're also hailed as imaginative geniuses. By means of poems and writings, they feel extremely happy to share the feelings of love for someone or something artistically. They appear to possess strong creative energy. To some degree they keep themselves engaged in art. They take great pleasure in the creative and artistic way to express themselves.


They like honesty, their range of feelings, and the instincts for parenting. They are highly emotional; they are also profoundly intuitive and compassionate. They think deeply for family issues and their home affairs. They are sympathetic and are deeply attached to those who are closed to them. They have empathy for other people's pains and sufferings.

 Loving and Protective

They are very loving and very affectionate. Cancer, as the zodiac's most sensitive sign, does it with love in mind and in the heart. They are the tenderest lovers because of this. They are funny, enthusiastic, thoughtful, adventurous and indulgent and they know very well how to enjoy a good time.


When making decisions, crabs usually rely on their intuition.


Cancerians are most concerned for a safe and faithful connection. They love home and family and are not content without strong emotional ties. They seem to be very caring and take good care of everyone they care about. They are very loyal to and even can die for their spouses. They've got a blind spot for the one they love intensely and they'll forget nearly everything.

Cancer Negative Traits


Cancerians are often known to have a moody attitude, especially when they are jealous. They are usually brave and defensive. When they believe that their emotional needs are not being met they can be very brooding and moody. They are easy to switch moods. At a moment, they'll be smiling and joking and after a few minutes wiping those tears. This is part of their everyday life which rides like waves.


The empathic crab is intent on defending itself. They only trust in relationships when they feel secure. Sometimes they return to their inner world when they're not feeling comfortable or free.


They also become petulant and resentful. Whenever they believe they've been distracted, they are likely to slowly build up frustration until it's completely bursting. The biggest issue is something that can make them feel resentful. They have wonderful fertile imaginations but often use these abilities destructively. It is very difficult to please them. They snap out the situation and return to normal in time.


Cancerians are also over-imaginative, which may cause them trouble. They will cling to the situation and become obsessed until they have all the answers. They can’t turn off the feelings once it is ignited.


They've got extreme mood swings and vulnerability. It doesn't take long to go from being polite and outgoing to being completely introverted as a way to defend themselves. And it can prove to the people in their lives very frustrating and unpredictable.

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