Cancer Season

Preface: Are you feeling emotional lately?

The zodiac cancer’s birth dates start from June 21st and end the cancer season on July 20th. Cancer is a cardinal water sign which comes with the starting of the summer season. Water symbolizes depth and wavering behaviours, thus during the cancer zodiac dates you might feel a drifting sensation between reality and imagination. This can make you confused and worried.
Sudden emotional pangs might hit you. There will be a desire to make new connections or strengthen the older ones. Love will bloom your life during this month, making you feel giddy. You would spend a lot of time procrastinating, trying to understand what you want from life. There will be heavy thinking in store in the cancer dates after the light-hearted Gemini month. 

The ruling planet of Cancer is the Moon. It is a moody planet and that is why you need to be calm while being in the Cancer season. This moodiness can make you feel restless and lost. In times like this, you need to focus on yourself. It is often seen that people get highly grumpy, affecting all the areas of their lives on these Cancer dates.

Cancer Season

It is important to focus on the positive aspects of your life and not on negativities. Cancer month takes its sweet time to move around, giving you enough calmness to make your life more bright. Feelings and inner thoughts will become integral parts of your life during the Cancer season. The change in the season that comes with this zodiac or any other zodiac for that matter opens up new opportunities in your life, it is just like another chapter of your life.

Healing is the only mantra that you need to remember during these Cancer dates. Heal your past, take a closure, heal yourself, and emerge as a winner after this season. This water sign will make you artistic and open up doors to high imagination and show different levels of depth. You are likely to discover new talents in yourself if you look closely.

All the stress that comes with irrational thoughts can go away if you indulge in the right activities in the Cancer month. You have to understand the art of self-love because that is the only way to keep yourself motivated in the times of stress that might befall on you. Cancer season is often seen to be the start of something major that is about to come in your life, it is like a preparation stage.

Nurture your insides, trust your gut feelings; feel more at home with your emotions and with your loved ones during this time. Cancer month is all about giving yourself a break and putting your feelings first. You will see that communication becomes easy for you in this season. Passion is heightened. There might be feelings of lethargy and drained energy levels but you have to keep yourself motivated throughout to emerge as a winner.

Cancer Month in general

In general Cancer month can make you very responsive in terms of relationships or your emotions. There will be many facets of your personality that will come out, you have to make peace with every side you see in yourself. You will become strong and sensitive after this Cancer month ends, fully prepared for the coming times.

Pisces, Scorpio, and Cancer zodiac people will have the best time during this transition. You will be genuinely happy during the month and your artistic side will automatically shine amongst others. It will be very easy to accept your differences and you will enjoy yourself just the way you are. Self-acceptance and self-worth will be high on the wheels.

The Cancer season will be very tough for signs like Leo, Aries, and Sagittarius. As you know that fire signs are famous for keeping their feelings inside, you will be stressed with all the shifts in your moods. You will not be able to understand what is wrong with you. It will be hard for you to process and acknowledge all that you are feeling suddenly. Vulnerability will be high, it is 
important to embrace these thoughts to remain happy during the Cancer dates. If you remain in denial and not express much when you want to, you might have a really hard time. You have to be open and have belief in the stars to heal you.

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