Leo Lover

Leo Lover

Your dazzling drama can heat up everything and oh, very well you can put up a show. You are always the center of attention at parties or social events, thanks to your gregarious personality. But can also be termed loud and aggressive offending a lot of people. Often described as a lover with a lot of panache and style, you believe in the elegant wooing technique. Your partner can expect the most exotic places to wine and dine, expensive gifts and everything related to romance. Yes, you will spoil your partner in the name of love.

You love to be the center of attention and it will always remain your number one addiction. You should stay clear of people who keeps you hooked on for years with large doses of it only to break away from it, leaving you chasing in despair till you find another fix. You can be miserable when it comes to romantic choices, miserable to an extent that you make your friends or worse you lose a lot of friends for this reason. Now that you know of it, be careful of this repetitive trend as it can get extremely difficult for you to break free from it.

Leos are also known to be very egoistic, otherwise, if your ego doesn’t interfere, you can be a warm and considerate partner. Now the negative side of you in a relationship is you are dominating. Off course you are a Leo, sign representing the King of the Jungle. But you cannot be a ‘boss’ all the time when it comes to relationships. At times, if you continue showing strong traits of dominance, it can get very difficult for you to find someone who can keep up with your demands. Secretly you need someone who can make you feel royal.

Once you do find your mate, you will be very loyal. You are someone who will always be by your partner’s side no matter what. Despite the dominating nature which is so active in you, your secret weapon is your big heart. Your partner’s can never get enough of your love and warmth. Even if you are settled with someone in life you will need to be less domineering and learn to treat your partner as an equal.

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