Leo Traits

Leos are born between 23 July and 22 August and belong to the zodiac Fire element (along with Aries and Sagittarius). Fire signs are bouncy show-offs with similarly big ideas and bigger hearts.

Lovable Leos are renowned for their enthusiasm, loyalty and faith in themselves. They view their world as their empire, whether it's around their friends, gym, house, workplace or club. Leo also has lots of friends, because they are generous and loyal. Self-confident and charismatic, this is a Sun sign capable of uniting and guiding diverse groups of people as one for a common cause, and their good sense of humour makes cooperation with others much simpler.

Leo is ruled by the Sun, so they are positive, enthusiastic, passionate and spontaneous. In literal terms, their presence can 'light up' a room. The Leo zodiac symbol is the Lion, named by the astrologers of the old world for the celestial constellation to which this sign refers. Leo's constellation includes several bright stars, one of which is called Regulus, meaning "the little king" and gives some of the mystical and royal connotations to Lion's sign.

Leo Positive Traits

Kind and Helpful

They feel responsible and are always able to support those in need, near and loved ones. They are going to go to great lengths to make sure their loved ones and others close to them are satisfied. They'll every time stand up for the underdog. As a Leo, they are likely to have a heart of love and seem to be very caring and compassionate.


Leo is an optimist capable of finding the silver lining of life. They are still looking at the bright side of every situation they face. They like indulging in the positive rather than crying on the poor.


Leo's are really straightforward individuals. They seem to be highly transparent and direct with people. When people ask for it, they give truthful feedback. They are not interested in false modesty. They are honest and they're never going to talk white lies just to please someone. Their sincerity sometimes springs off as too much bluntness.


One trait that is imbibed in them, is their loyalty. They are very loyal to their friends, acquaintances and close ones.

Natural Leader and Popular

They are a natural leader, and always urge to be in the spotlight and top. They can't imagine someone who can lead better than them. They are born with a regal aura and kindness that ushers others to follow them. They enjoy stardom, and just want to be a superhero or queen bee. They work hard in social events to be centre stage.

Leo Negative Traits

Dogmatic and Prideful

Leos are born with all of the beaked creature's pride and glory. Out of stubborn pride, they can hang on to a misconception or belief. They find it impossible to comment on themself and can never confess to their mistakes. They find it difficult to consider other ideas, even though they are right.


Their superiority and confidence can often be seen more like arrogance and conceit. Leos are oozing with confidence. They think if they've at first concluded, then they're right. At times their confidence in leading people can turn into arrogance. They can become self-centred, and think they're the best in all. They enjoy offering advice but don't take it with an open heart


Leos have a difficult time learning when to avoid governing and start listening. They are highly powerful and seem to dominate those around them for this reason. They will always demand respect and expect submissive actions from those around them. Among other matters, they may intervene, throwing orders, threaten and demand them to obey without arguments.


Even though they are full of passion and excitement, they must confess that they are lazy. For given opportunities and circumstances they'll take the easy way out. When the situation gives them no fun or glory, they'll be particularly lazy.

Jealous and Competitive 

They just want to be the world's best, the brightest and the most perfect. They just hate it if someone outshines them in some way. They are going to be jealous and aggressive at that moment. They're not going to hesitate to use lies and trickery to smear their competitors and critics.

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