Leo Season

Preface: Work hard, enjoy harder

Leo birth dates or Leo season starts from July 23rd and ends on August 22nd. During the Leo season, you will be authentic and raw. Finding your inner happiness will be your number one goal. You will live an exaggerated and extravagant life. It will be a fun-filled time and much deserved one after the depth Cancer season left in everyone.

Leo month is all about self-evaluation and learning, creatively. Leo symbolizes courage and passion; these feelings will be in abundance throughout the month within you. What you are in reality without any restrictions will be seen during this month. Laughter will come easily to you, no matter how worried you are. No fear will instil in your heart and you will fully show your unique traits. 

Leo is ruled by the Sun and it denotes ego, energy, and royalty. You will basically feel very adamant and would like to do only what YOU think is right. There will be a lot of chances where you will get reality checks and self-awareness will keep hitting you hard. No better time than this to feel and be yourself. The mood will be carefree; you will feel extremely confident and often it will seem that you are on top of the world.

Leo Season

There will be a childlike enthusiasm and happiness amongst everyone during the Leo season. You will be ever ready for a dance party or falling in love. Keep doing what you love and it will bring the best from you and in you. Cancer taught you how to express yourself, that spark should always be alive inside you. it can accentuate your bliss and help you maintain healthy relationships and have a better social interaction and connections while being in Leo season.

You would want to be always close to your friends in this season, to make the most out of it. If you remain enthused, you will become the star of parties and gain popularity amongst peers. Some of you might be coming out of their shells for the first time and further embracing the change Leo season brings for you. This transformation can help you in the long run to build your character and personality.

Being yourself will come naturally to you, the masks will fall off and ambiguity will see no dark anymore. Spontaneity is one more quality that you might feel in abundance. You will be highly inspired and passionate to try out new things and push your boundaries. Risk-taking ability and zeal will be heightened during the Leo season.

All you need to do is get out of your comfort zone and make the most of the Leo zodiac dates. Little moments will matter to you and you will want to make them special for yourself and for others around you. Celebrate every day of the Leo month because it is very needed to take a break and stop the cycle of monotonous behaviour and lifestyle.

Leo Month in General

The Leo month is going to be great for all the fire signs, so Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius are in for a treat. If you belong to these fire signs then you can be completely yourself in this season. It is time to have fun and there will be no hindrances in your way to being a kid at heart. It is time to say goodbye to all the hard emotions you have been holding onto last month. It’s finally your time to shine and bring out your wild side.

Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius will feel good and neutral during this season. While Earth signs like Virgo, Taurus, and Capricorn will find this time to be the hardest. If you fall under these zodiacs then you better remain indoors if you don't like the party aura which Leo month brings with itself. 

You might feel moody and in between various places and situations. When everyone wants to go out, you can remain indoors to heal and feel rested. This can be a transformative phase for you, so hold tight till these Leo dates pass.

Leo month, in general, is all about living your best life and enjoying your weird personality. If your mood is getting weird and crazy, just embrace it and use this Leo season to make some best memories.

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