Leo Moon

No matter what your Moon sign is, we all sense the Leo Moon's impact a few days each month. As the Moon moves through Leo, no matter how you usually feel, you'll have a greater urge to make everyone feel like you are. You're going to be more likely to tell people you love them or show your gratitude. This could also be a time when there's a strong urge to turn your life's romance and passion up a notch.

Since Leo craves attention and adoration, if your needs are not met, a Leo Moon could leave you feeling more vulnerable than normal which could lead to a dramatic flare-up. If during this transit you are a little more responsive and insecure, ask those around you for the reassurance you need.

Leo is a symbol of thoughts and a symbol of self-expression. You'll be inclined to try a creative outlet like dance or theatre, or some sort of business venture. It could also be a chance to get out and socialize so you can "perform" on behalf of others. After all, during the Moon in Leo, the whole world is a stage!

Born with Moon in Leo

Most of us already know our Sun sign which represents the person we are showing the world. If the Sun is our outer personality, then our inner personality is the Moon — our feelings, and the things we need to feel relaxed and safe. Knowing your Moon sign is vital because it represents your emotional being, and is the energy that you hold on to throughout your life. It can also give us insight into the compatibility of our moon signs in our romantic ties.

Leo is a sign of Fire, and like the mid-summer Sun, it brings light and warmth to everything on which it shines. Fiercely loyal, this is a sign of purpose and a way forward. This is true in the workplace, in friendships and especially in heart matters. A Leo in love is a committed partner and would have no trouble letting know how they feel about their significant other — and the world. But just as they do to others, in exchange Leos expects the same respect and devotion.

Leos also feels a need to keep their families and friends organized and even monitored. They have an inner goal to set things right, and usually prefer to supervise the goings-on in their small circle. This is Moon's very creative place. At the very least people in Leo want to build and entertain. Often they can be very lazy, and sometimes bossy too. Generally, however, they have a profound desire for equal and equitable treatment of others.

To work well in the world, Leos take lots and lots of love and care. These people can be dramatic in their emotional shows when they feel offended. They are prone to big scenes and sulking when their pride has been damaged. This, however, seldom happens in public. Lunar Leos is far too concerned with their appearance to produce splashy scenes beyond the safety of their own homes. They choose to work it out in dignified ways in public. Yet at home, they're exposed to major emotional drama displays. However, those scenes usually don't last too long. Lunar Leos are also personally common people whose honesty and a clear sense of justice are respected.

Leos are children at heart! This sign is known for its playful and almost childlike nature, making them a real pleasure to be around. They are also one of the most positive signs because no matter what kind of curveball life throws at them, they look at the bright side.

Don't confuse Leo's self-centred arrogance — they are anything but! Arguably the most charitable of all the signs of the zodiac, if you wanted it, this Lion would give you the shirt off his back. They are also incredibly supportive, making them an ideal person to contact in a time of need or for advice.

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