Pisces Lover

‘I think I’ll always be hopelessly romantic’ this is the sign for a typical Piscean. Romance makes the world go round not for everyone but definitely for a Piscean, the twelfth and the last sign of the zodiac calendar. You are more in love with the idea of love rather than being in love itself. Love for you means fairy tale romances, happy endings. When in love you like to wear a pair of rose tinted glasses and see the world in a way where you are courted and wooed, yes just like in the movies. You may have the tendency to lose yourself into your partner. With your innate grace and charm, you can sweep your partner off their feet and make them feel special in mysterious ways. You like to do romance in the old fashioned way like writing love letters or taking your partner on the most amazing dates.

Good looks is the first thing that will always attract you to someone but any time later you find out that your partner lacks intelligence, that’s the end!! Once you are able to procure what your heart desires you just lose interest because you enjoy the ‘thrill’ and the ‘chase’ than the end result.

You fall in love easily but it is harder for you to fall out of love as Pisceans are known to be an emotionally complex sign. It becomes difficult for you to completely break away from your past relationships. Well, Pisceans do not make the most faithful of lovers though known as the most romantic lovers of all the zodiac. But you value fidelity in your marriage and will be an affectionate parent or spouse. In love you are empathetic, passionate and all the wealth of your creative nature will be drawn into your love life. You are gifted with the ability to be emotionally responsive which is considered to be an important ingredient for a meaningful relationship. Being caring and sensitive to your partner’s emotional or physical needs comes naturally to you. You like your partner to be the ‘dominant’ one in the relationship, love is essential in order for you to develop a fulfilling relationship with your family.

But you have the other side of you where you are unnecessarily jealous and possessive to the extremes. You need to keep this under check or else this can lead to a lot of heartache and ruin your relationship.

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