Pisces Season

Preface: The Season of Compassion, Love, and Art

Pisces zodiac dates are from February 19th to March 20th. During these dates, you are going to be on a roller coaster ride with your emotions and ardour. it is a good time to enjoy everything around you while being the most artistic self you can be. This season can make you get lost in your wonderings and imagination. To maintain a good balance while reconnecting with your inner self, try to remain less aloof and take part in good and meaningful social gatherings. 

Pisces season can make you feel lethargic and homesick but you need to be on your toes to let the spark remain ignited. Be ready to take chances and don't lose focus from your goals. You might feel very indecisive during the whole month and feel a sudden rise and fall in your moods and intensities. Sensitivity will be very high and small things can also hamper your peace.
Your heart will take over your head and you will feel very open to everything. Thinking deep is common but thinking clearly is not easy in this season. Confusions and fogginess are easy and you have to bear with it, no matter if you want this to happen or not. 

Everywhere you will be spreading your good vibes. If you feel disconnected, then it is advised to not rush into things. Take your time and figure out what is wrong and where you need to be headed. Deep connections will be formed during the b and empathy will rise significantly.

Pisces Season

Pisces Season does better than you can imagine. It leaves you with the power to open up and express freely. You will care more about your own and other people's feelings. Kindness will come automatically to you. Conversations will become deep, acute, and easy. Even though you are not the one who speaks that easily and allows people in their lives, Pisces dates with its fluidic moment will penetrate your tough walls too. 

The season leaves you with a good and big heart. This energy can help you ahead in life to see things better and clearer. Pisces is ruled by planet Neptune. The planet is all about compassion and oneness. It connects you to your roots and people. It makes you more polite, humble, and a natural giver. You become easy to approach and talk to.

If you doubt yourself a lot then Pisces season can help you to increase faith in yourself and accept your different and weird dreams. The whole idea is about picking yourself up and healing every cell of your body as the zodiac cycle comes to an end. Focusing on your relationships and taking it seriously can prove to be very beneficial for you and for the ones associated with you. You might be able to say things in this Pisces season which you never even told yourself aloud.
There will be a deep connection between you and art. If you had a long lost hobby then you can start practising it again, as it will give you immense happiness. Keep your values in check and emotions in control.

Pisces Month in General

The Pisces month is going to be great for all the water signs. Cancer, Scorpios, and Pisces will feel at home and completely relaxed during this month. You will connect with the universe naturally and accept your inner demons. Expressing yourself will come naturally to you. Pisces, in general, will feel blessed during this month. You will be floored with the beauty surrounding you in terms of your partner or your own general aura.

Fire signs Leo, Sagittarius, and Aries will feel flown during the Pisces month. It will be hard for you to feel so many things at the same time of which you are not used to. You will keep visiting your past and reminiscing the memories. Old wounds will come out which need a lot of care and healing during the Pisces zodiac dates

Many of you can feel overwhelmed by the sudden flow of emotions after the light-hearted Aquarius season. As the astrological seasons are ending and this being the last season, it is important to reflect on your past. Seek closures if needed, relax, and be ready to start again in the fresh cycle.

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