Pisces Moon

Before we speak directly on the Moon in Pisces, let's think for a moment about the Moon first. Astrologers regard the Moon as a planet, and since it travels so rapidly it goes through each of the twelve zodiac signs once a month. Just as the Sun is put in our birth table, so is the Moon.

No matter what Sun sign you are, we all feel a little bit like a Fish (symbol for Pisces) for a few days a month. You'll find yourself floating and dreaming while the Moon is in the whimsical sign of Fishes. Forget that in your day planner, pressurize the sequence of activities, and don't bother to check your watch. This lunation will make you more concerned with the emotions that move in your mind than with the daily realities. Your intuition will be heightened, and by having your instincts direct you, you will achieve more.

You should have a responsiveness and receptivity to the world around you because emotions are on overdrive during the Pisces Moon. This is going to be a moment when you can feel nostalgic and want to be closer to your loved ones. Don't be shocked if you get a little vague on TV advertisements — this is how this Moon affects us.

Born with Moon in Pisces

Those who are born with the Moon in Pisces, also called a natal moon in Pisces, are extremely sensitive people who have been blessed with a sharp intuition. A sixth sense is so powerful that they also exhibit psychic powers, and are susceptible to prophetic visions and pick up things around them that others may overlook. Because of this, they have faith in their gut instincts, and are known to act alone on gut feelings.

Pisces are considered to be dreamy and not always linked to reality. Though these people might not always exhibit real-world experience in practical day-to-day affairs, they compensate with exceptional intuition for this. With incredible ease they can put themselves in anyone's shoes. On the other side, this endows them with incredible affection and compassion. The down side with this obvious willingness to break down walls is that these individuals can easily lose themselves in others' sufferings.

Their sense of humour is happily crazy, and a little odd. These are perceptive beings who seem to be in touch with all the subtleties and complexities of human nature. This also occurs in a good sense of humour, which is more open than the kind of humour that would make people "life of the party." In general, getting them to giggle is pretty fast.

Pisceans are usually considered soft-hearted and sweet, they care about others and are easily affected by human suffering. This propensity is gaining them a reputation as sob story suckers. While this can often be accurate, in their lifetimes, many Lunar Pisceans learn how to distinguish between honesty and deception. Even so, they definitely have plenty of soft corners.

To someone with a Pisces Moon, romance and love are important, and they always dream of getting the kind of fairy tale romances we read about in books. It makes it easier for them to embrace everyone they love unconditionally, and to see only the best of them. They may get caught up in seeing someone through rose-coloured lenses, but they encounter a beautiful kind of love when they know how to balance it with the reality of who someone is actually.
In Pisces, there is a lovely side to embrace that is often mistaken for weakness. Pisces is the twelfth and last sign of the zodiac, and hence brings a little of every zodiac sign with it. 

Consequently they see themselves mirrored in others' actions, granting them almost boundless compassion. As the Moon reflects our instinctive existence, it seems the Moon in Pisces knows how things feel without actual experience. They may never have had sex, for example, but they seem to know all about it, including, or particularly, the finer details of it.

Lunar Pisces are extremely imaginative people. This is because they have a profound love for elegance and incredibly imaginative imaginations. They are incredible musicians, and will channel this talent into various types of art. For Pisces, artistic expression is important because it also acts as a form of escapism which helps them to recharge their spiritual batteries.

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