Pisces Personality

Pisces, you are notoriously difficult to define, and your personality cannot be pinned down. You do after all have a tendency to become your environment, and you absorb the emotions of those around you like a sponge. The border of your self, the world, the spirit world, and the world of others, is highly blurred, and you feel and sometimes perceive the underlying fabric that connects all of life. You are, Pisces, an extremely spiritually evolved sign, and this journey is often your life quest.

Highly receptive, you tend to be able to feel other people, and feel your way through life in a highly intuitive manner, and are considered the most psychic sign in the zodiac. This can make life a little confusing for you, and as a Pisces you must remember to shut off that psychic ability and take a rest; you can exhaust yourself by taking on the negativity of those around you, and while this is your role, it is important that you surround yourself with string and positive people. They will also help to bring some grounding to the otherwise dreamy Pisces.

Pisces, your dedication to others is unmatched, and you are loving to the point of self-sacrifice, always willing to take on a friend's problem on an emotional level, and to take the journey through the lows with them, hoping to bring them back into the highs. With an unmatched compassion you work on others, but remember to give yourself space too. Highly creative, you prefer to express yourself through mediums which can communicate your deeper spiritual understandings, and could be lazy when it comes to career paths that you perceive to be monotonous.

Like a fish in water you have to go with the flow. It is the only way for you Pisces, and swimming upstream is a complete waste of energy. Let the universe carry you, and trust in that intuition of yours. Watch out for your inclination towards escapism, which can take the form of addiction. 


The Pisces personality likes to be adored and admired. They are happy as long as you notice how creative they are. Compliment them if you wish to impress them. Pisces likes to wander into their dream world and they like to escape reality. They are drawn towards the mysterious occult sciences. Pisces likes movies, paintings, photographs and sculptures.


Pisces dislikes having to face hard facts. They would rather be left alone with their thoughts and dreams. They don't like the obvious and are bored by things that are common. They have a tendency to be attracted towards the unusual more often than not. Pisces is the most easily influenced among all zodiac signs but they regret following bad examples. Never criticize a Piscean as they will find it hard to forgive you. They don't take criticism easily and find it hard to remain friends will people who have a tendency to point out faults.

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