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Rahu Transit 2017

Rahu Transit 2017

Rahu is a shadow planet considered in Vedic astrology. While there is no physical existence of the planet both Rahu and Ketu are two sensitive points on the Moon’s orbit which are very significant in Vedic astrology. Rahu is depicted as a serpent riding a chariot driven by seven dark horses in Vedic art and literature. As it is obvious the effects and impact of Rahu are mainly malicious. Rahu amasses all its strength when it is in Gemini and least influential when positioned in Sagittarius. ‘Rahu Kala’ is that time of day when the influence of Rahu is most powerful.

Rahu Transit 2017 DATE & TIME

Rahu transits Leo to Cancer August 18, 2017 (Friday) at 00:37
True Rahu transits Leo to Cancer September 09, 2017 (Saturday) at 02:03