Libra Monthly Horoscope

(July, 2021)

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On the 7th, Mercury moves into Gemini, which makes the stars favour you. But you will face issues regarding your spiritual well-being. Your lack of interest in theology might open new areas of interest for you. Travel is indicated, so you can expect short, exciting trips making your way to you soon. You are also likely to inherit property or make an investment in some form. The Sun moving into Cancer can jolt your professional life. People may falsely accuse you of grave offences, so try to stay alert. Seniors are likely to support you, so don’t get hassled unnecessarily. Your work will go on in a usual manner, but you need to put an extra effort into smoothing things out. On the 17th, Venus moves into Leo, which will prove to be a harmonious time for you. You can expect a great deal of financial stability, which will make you consider investing in profitable schemes. In this phase, expect your romantic life will blossom. It is an auspicious time for marriage, so make sure you have your plans ready. On the 20th, Mars enters Leo, establishing an even more favourable financial condition for you. All your debts are likely to get cleared, and you can also consider making substantial investments. Marriage is on the cards; if you are in a serious relationship for quite some time, it’s time to plan your next big step. You will also do well professionally, thereby earning accolades at your work. On the 25th, Mercury shifts to Cancer, making luck and hard work favour you for some exciting results. Travel for work is indicated, and you are likely to visit a famous place. So, get ready to spend some quality time alone while you travel for work. It is an excellent time for completing professional targets, and you are likely to get promoted. Personal life also seems to get better, as you try and succeed in maintaining warm and cordial relations with elders, especially your father. July seems to be an excellent time for Libra natives. Both your personal and professional life will prosper, and this will help you maintain a calm and healthy mental state.
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Success and recognition are on the horizon for you this month.

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