Libra Monthly Horoscope

(October, 2021)

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On 2nd October, Venus moves into Scorpio. Your health conditions will improve with time. But it would help if you were cautious about your throat problems. Monetary gains will help you invest in a better way. Get ready to achieve considerable recognition, name, and fame. Professional life is also favorable for you this month. Try to impress your seniors with your hard work and dedication. On the same day, Mercury enters Virgo. Financially, this period will be problematic as your expenses may rise. Try to avoid unnecessary expenses. Unfavorable luck prospects are likely to disturb your mental health. At work, you might not be able to complete your tasks. Concentrate on your pending assignments. Try to stay positive and work diligently. The Sun moves into Libra, and it will be a disappointment for you. Low confidence and difficulty in concentration are likely to affect your mental peace. The constant fear of loss might hover upon you. Monetary loss or any such problem in money returns will be a huge source of concern. The main reason for such issues is the low position of the Sun at this point. Pray to the Almighty and seek blessings. You will receive valuable advice from elders or experienced people in your family. Mars advances into Libra on 22nd October. Take care of your health. Sudden loss of money might be a source of concern. It may clog your mind and create negativity. An abnormal extent of overthinking will affect your health. Indulge in a light conversation with your near and dear ones. It will help you get rid of the negativity. Venus moves into Sagittarius on 30th October. Love from young siblings or cousins will make you emotional. Try to share a lighter mood with them. It will also help them confide in you. A short trip is indicated, mainly with your family members. Finances will prosper in a better way. Try to save a major part of your savings. The month of October will be fairly good for Libra natives. There might be occasional outbreaks of heavy emotions, but you will manage to overcome that. Imbibe a positive attitude towards all, and you will conquer their minds and hearts. Professionally, things might be a little anxious at the moment. You will also receive considerable backlashes in your personal life. Nevertheless, life must go on. Stay undeterred in your pursuit of achieving your goals in life. Avoid the negativity all around you, and try to sort things out for a better tomorrow.
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Success and recognition are on the horizon for you this month.

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