Libra Woman

A Libran woman can never stick to a hobby. She wants to do and try everything

A Libra woman thrives in entertainment, happiness, joy and elegance. She wants to feel free and keep it light, turning away naturally from people whose characteristics feel too negative or intense for her. Libra women have some beauty about them because they're not trying too hard and keeping things easy. Her style is short lived and simple but confident and always appealing.

The Basic Libra Woman Traits and Characteristics:

"Psychotic mermaid dream woman" is a stereotypical reputation of a Libra woman. She is the type of woman who is always up for an exciting and fun outing, even if she's just going to the local market to eat chocolates candies and roam around ideally.

Libran woman, the very personification of yin and yang, are a unique blend of rational thinking and irrational emotion, blasting holes in your flawed thinking and then making up to win the argument with her charm. Though, she is always open to common sense and reason, and if you can calmly speak to her on your side, she can undoubtedly admit her mistakes.

Libra Woman Work Ethics 

A Libra woman can take some time to make a career choice and find her pace. She could spend years jumping from idea to idea in her twenties and even thirties, doing quite a lot of freelance work, starting small ventures which eventually fade away, and simply being the side hustle angel. She's still gradually going through this and it never really seems as if she's flailing. There's not much worry about what she should be when she grows up or how to describe herself or her purpose in life, because everything she puts her hand to just feel like part of the bigger picture.

It's best when a Libra woman can concentrate her attention on something that has real significance to her, particularly feminism or any work that involves helping to create greater equality and balance. A Libra woman will often become swollen by social injustice and inequality, and aspire to be part of the solution.

Work and life balance can also be a concern if she doesn't think, handling so many items at once. But this clever sorcerer somehow gets it done, definitely having plenty in the bank to keep all her kingdoms up in the sky.

Libra Woman in Love

Libra is a sign controlled by Venus, and Libra woman seek relationships to synchronise. She's looking for harmony in love life, the right lover to shower her with flowers and paper hearts. She is proud to be loved and totally dedicated to her chosen one. While she may seem sweet, calm and collected, they can be fun and intimate when relaxed. When Libran women fall in love they don't play games. They are rigorously unbiased, and painfully honest at times. Please no mind games here, it just isn't fair.

She will get a little too wrapped up in the "dream lover's" vision and can become disillusioned with their one and only if the ideal image becomes too far from the harsh reality of human irrationality and weaknesses. Romance can power over a Libra when she can accept every attribute of her lover. This doesn't mean she's got to like every single thing about this person but she just has to find a way to let him be perfectly imperfect.

Libra Woman Compatibility with others Signs

The temperament of the Libra may be incredibly flirtiest but they take love and trust seriously. The fact is, they don't want to be on their own, and would rather be at a party than just at home. They will, however, have their more introspective moments, and will certainly decompress from time to time.

Libra is an Air sign. One of the other two Air signs, is possibly the best bet for a Libra that is AQUARIUS and GEMINI. Both these signs are perfect fits for Libra as they share the analytical, logical and people-oriented approach to life that Libra has to offer.

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