Libra Personality

Libra Personality

Libra, your role in life is to balance and this is where you feel most comfortable. You are happiest when you are with other people, and feel well at home in a group situation, where the nature of your sign can be fully utilized. There are two sides to you, but this does not create so much dissonance, as you tend to choose the option that is easier. You can be indecisive at times Libra, though this is manifest largely as an inability to remain focused, as you move on to explore something else. Some may even say that you are selectively lazy. This could be your downfall, though it is also what makes you so laid back.

With the influence of Venus you are something of a romantic Libra, both in your relations and in your approach to art and the external beauty. You are good people Libra, and you want to please. This is all you want at times, and this makes you very likeable. You will avoid confrontation at all costs, with one exception; unfairness. Life has to be fair for you Libra, and you cannot and will not allow yourself or other people to be unfairly treated. This you may raise your voice for. At times you may struggle to assert yourself, and this can cause a lack of self esteem if not addressed.

 The Libran personality is drawn towards all things fashionable. They like to follow the trends and keep up with the latest fashion. Even when no one's around to notice, Libra will be elegant and well dressed. Bad hair days are not so common for a Libra. They like to surround themselves with pleasant people and spend their time socializing. Meeting new people and shopping excites the outgoing personality of a Libran.


  Libra does not like to be stuck in a tough spot where they are asked to make a decision. You are most apt to postpone difficult decisions for as long as possible than face unsavoury situations. Untidy surroundings are a turn off and Libra feels suffocated when they are being controlled. A relationship without space cannot work out especially when your mate is a Libran!

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