Libra Traits

Librans are born between September 23 and October 22 and belong to part of the zodiac's Air element (along with Gemini and Aquarius). The signs of air are calm, calculative, analytical and charming. They have a natural cleverness of the surface and simple humour that makes them all awesome. Libra is the group's most charming.

Librans are best known for balancing love. Not in the manner of somersaulting on a beam or walking a tightrope, but in holding things on a fair, harmonious and even keel in their world. They are unable to bear a disorder or mess. They are idealistic perfectionists and spend much of their time in maintaining their environment and lives lovely and orderly. 
Libra is ruled by Venus, a planet that holds control over beauty, the arts, passion, and pleasure. This makes them beautiful lovers, incredibly artistic and into exquisite things and born with a taste for all the finer things in life. As the sign of the Libra is of the Scales, just as the balancing mechanism wants to live, Libras needs to be on an even keel. Think of the Justice Scales, and how they work to strike the right balance. Likewise, Librans are rational, just and able to do what's best for everyone. However, this urge for justice can be for another reason: Librans dislike confrontation. Anyone born under the sun sign of the Libra is learning every possible angle in the hopes of achieving peace and harmony, so much so that some may see them as fickle and indecisive. If that's what it takes to prevent a fight with the Scales, that's great.

Libra Positive Traits

Librans go bonkers when it comes to romance, as the planet of love, Venus, rules them. Everyone in love can get a little crazy, but the Librans are something different from others. They're prone to being love-drunk altogether.

It naturally comes to Librans, as they are born with all the charm. Librans are extremely charming and a little flirtatious. Their enchanting and welcoming personality makes them extremely appealing to others.

Great Listener
Like a big brainy sponge, they soak up all the thoughts and knowledge around them. They dislike disputes and confrontations and instead, much of the time, they prefer listening. When talking, they always watch their language and always speak in a way that no one gets hurt. Also, before making choices, they listen to everyone's side of the story and then they can come up with fair decisions.

They're just contributing one per cent to everything. Everything they want is the best experience. Via their reasonable and rational thought, they seem to build perfect ways all the time. In every situation, they overthink and nit-pick the best out of it. They think of the people around them too, though. They are trying to do things, or make choices in a way that helps everybody.

Librans are also very understanding, as well as classy, sociable and passionate. They are very articulate and understand things which other people miss out on.

Libra Negative Traits

Librans can be so impressed by someone’s outer beauty that they can forget about the inner one easily.

It's the multiple personalities that make them unreliable. They are often unable to speak for themselves, and in serious circumstances, someone can't rely on them or count on them to have their back.

The hardest thing for Librans is to make whatever decisions.

"L" for Libra, and "L" for Lazy, too. Yeah, lazy Librans are often incapable of completing a given task, whether physically or mentally. They tend to do easy things.

Librans prefer to manipulate others. Because they can dig deep and know other people's weaknesses, it's easy for them to manipulate others to get them to do what they want. They strive to be smooth-sailing about everything. As they are a pro-diplomat, they can graze all the troubles and mend fences if required. However, all their empathy, listening, deep understanding, opinions, and desires will never be known. They cannot know their own mind, at times.

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