Libra Man

Libra is ruled by Venus which is the planet of love and pleasure. This fact pops out Libra's characteristics in men. They are natural givers when it comes to their loved ones. They can provide extreme pleasure, unearthly love and a balanced approach to your life. They can respond mindfully to anything thus never speak irrelevant stuff.

To be in good books of a Libra man you need to show him your pleasant personality. They are social beings and thus expect to see the same in you, in order to indulge with you better. They love balance in their lives and thoughts. Libra man traits allow them to speak about their ideas to anyone who is interested in hearing him out.

A Libra man is a great team player but can never be a leader because it is hard for them to make decisions promptly. Libra man never signs up for a monotonous and boring life. They are uncomplicated beings and stay away from drama. They always make sure that they don’t hurt people by what they say. Thus they speak in a very balanced manner.

Libra Man Traits and Characteristics:

Libra traits in males consist of being a balanced and fair being. They are the most neutral and unbiased people you will ever come across in your life. For them, it is important to look at all the sides, hear every individual and then come to any conclusion. So if you want to include a Libra man in any of the decision-making processes then be ready to see a result which might be unsuitable for you, but which would be perfect. 

They are very particular in maintaining peace around them. It is because they avoid confrontation and don't want anything to do with arguments. They never rush into things, be it deciding something for their future, giving advice or finding someone for them. Libras are very casual and easygoing. Libra men can get along with almost everyone because they know the art of comforting people. 

A Libra man is very sensitive but masculine. They are balanced people so never experience emotional outbursts. They are very charming and intelligent.

Libra Man in Love

A Libra man in love is a beautiful sight. They are known to be the deepest and true lovers. It is hard for them to show their inner feelings, as they lack the quality of opening up in front of others. Contributing to their indecisive nature, it becomes hard for a Libra man to make up their mind about the person they are seeing.

They take their sweet time to be sure about things. All the possible sides are being looked at, all the pros and cons judged, and then only some conclusions are made. So if you are impatient and have trouble with tolerating this kind of behaviour, you might find a Libra man, not on your favourite side. It takes a lot of coaxing and assurance from the opposite gender in order for a Libra man to be sure about his feelings and the bond.

Libra man's personality is a soft one. They are very deep and feel things very beautifully. They can be very open in front of you if they make their mind about it. Practically they behave as an open book and never hide their feelings or thoughts from you in any situation whatsoever. They never back out, never fall out of love. If they have committed to you, they make it work even in the hardest times.

They are natural pleasers. They want to have pleasure and give the same to their partners while being in love. Libra men are always looking for stability in their life and thus prefer to choose a partner with common interests. They never rush to fall in love and when they do they never come out of it, due to normal conflicts and fights.

Libra Man Compatibility with Other Signs

Gemini and Libra are the most compatible signs. They compliment each other in so many ways that the match is somewhat magical and dreamlike. Libra accepts the duality of a Gemini and lets them open up to an extent that is hard to find and comprehend by a Gemini.

Libra Man’s Traits attract Sagittarius, Leo, and Aquarius. The least compatible signs with a Libra man are Cancer and Capricorn. Cancer can have an emotional outbreak multiple times and an indecisive Libra can find it very hard to understand it.

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