Libra Moon

Let's start with a bit of detail about the Moon itself before we start thinking about the Libra Moon. Astrologers regard the Moon as a planet. It travels through the sky so fast that each month this goes through each of the 12 zodiac signs.

It doesn't matter what your Moon sign is, because we all feel the power of the transiting Libra Moon for a few days a month. You'll feel a little more concentrated on building tranquillity, elegance and peace all around you while the Moon is in the welcoming sign of Libra. Libra not only appreciates harmony — Libra also searches for and addresses imbalances. Don't be shocked if you feel like playing peacemaker during this transit!

You may also feel a little like Ginger Rogers when the Moon is in Libra, and Fred Astaire is everyone and all you meet. The motto could be "grace in space" during this phase of the Libra Moon. When you meet an obstacle or opposition, you'll be able to dance like you wanted it to be there. The Moon in Libra gives you the opportunity to use charm and persuasion to get what you want, as the inherent skills of Libra are diplomacy and negotiation.

Born with Moon in Libra

Libra is the Zodiac Negotiator. They can clearly see both sides of each debate, find the middle ground and politely discuss the situation (and the people in it). Because of this, those born in Libra at the time of the Moon have the reputation of being extremely cooperative and compromise.

The desire for peace in Libra applies to the world around them. They have an eye for architecture and appreciate all ways of structure and symmetry. Their homes also have a calm aura with a smooth appearance that instill a sense of serenity in their lives as Libra thrives in peaceful environments.

If there is something for which Libra is well regarded, it's social! In reality, they succeed in their lives when they have an abundance of friendship and affection. This is not just about being party animals. Libras are happy to go out just as often as they sit in their homes and have fun in it. Their human-oriented nature often makes them natural flirts so it's no wonder they also have quite a few admirers.

The people of Moon in Libra are in great need of cooperation. They feel completely lost, without anyone to share their lives. Which is why many people with this status are very young in getting interested in marriages or living-together. Since this desire for unity, cooperation, and sharing is so strong, Librans are inclined to do a lot of conceding. They are compassionate and concerned for others, enjoy socializing and delight in a good conversation. Of special interest to them is mental interaction with others.

Libra's passion for people makes them an incredibly caring and sympathetic friend, and when needed, you can definitely count on them to lend a listening ear. They are always really rational and you know you get an impartial view from them which will help you with any problem you have. A mate of Libra is an amazing friend indeed!

People born with the Moon in Libra obviously cannot help but see defects in their environments and relations. In reality, they will be disturbed by something out of whack until it is fixed. Besides being polite with friends, when inhabitants of Moon in Libra argue with their long time spouses, they never give up until they win. And, winning an argument is, in fact, a Libran speciality, they do not even believe what they say, but they will follow all sorts of concepts just to get the last word. Living with Lunar Librans may often sound like you're on trial, and the expert counsel, Libra. Nevertheless, Libra also defends you and supports your point of view.

The idealistic outlook of Librans and the relentless search for the perfect, most harmonious lifestyle can lead to much dissatisfaction. Looking for the one (elusive) ideal way of living their lives will distract from momentary enjoyment.

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