Libra Season

Preface: Fresh air, a break, and enjoyment

Libra zodiac dates start from September 23rd and end on October 22nd. Libra is a cardinal air sign and thus the effect of the upcoming autumn season is seen. During this season there is a balance between everything. Be it, the weather, the darkness, or your feelings. You will crave everything to be balanced and highly stable in your life.

Libra dates make you very needy for peace. It will become easy for you to see all the sides of the story before coming to any conclusion or taking sides during the Libra birth dates. You will experience deep thoughts over various matters. After the hard work that the Virgo season made you do, it is time to pack your bags and light up the party fire. You will become very good at taking initiatives and making connections.

Venus rules the zodiac Libra and it signifies love, beauty, relationships, leisure, social status, charming and romantic behaviour, with a positive outlook. There would be an urge to be surrounded by people. There might be changes in your love life or relationships. Chances are that you have an urge to take things on the next level. While having all sorts of energy it is important to organize your life in all directions. Friendship, going out, reconnecting, and networking will be high on your priority list in Libra month.

Libra Season

There is beauty everywhere while the Libra season is in bloom. There will be instincts in you to love what you see. You will have the desire to surround yourself with things that are pleasing to the eyes. The people close to you will often get involved in everything you do, even though those are really small things. Your charm will lure everyone and people will be highly pleased by just being in closer proximity with you.

Libra zodiac dates will bring genuine feelings of empathy, compromise, and valuing other people. It will be easily seen in your demeanour. There will always be a common ground which you prefer to choose and take while dealing with things in this Libra season. But due to over commitments and being everywhere you might become highly indecisive and unsure of where you need to be. It can also make you less and less confident about you and your actions.

During this season, you will nurture your relationships and something permanent might knock your doors. If you are with real people there is a sure shot chance that you can find your inner peace even while going out and partying hard in this Libra month. You might shock your peers with sudden energy which you were lacking or never knew you ever had before.

You will be highly realistic in these Libra dates and extremely mature when coming to any inferences. It is a good time if you have any pending important decision to take in your life. Libra month will be a very genuine, gentle, and lovable time for everyone. All thanks to the ruling planet Venus whose core values are connections and love. There will be beauty in everyone and everything you see.

Libra Month in General

The Libra month is going to be ecstatic for all air signs. Librans, Gemini's, and Aquarians will feel amazing during this season. You will be in the spotlight and will be the charm of every party, gathering or outing. Your charms will be envied everywhere. This season might show you what is in store for you in the coming future, concerning your career or your personal life.

Water signs will find this season to be really hard and long. Cancers, Pisces, and Scorpios will feel very aloof and out of the picture. It is thus important to give yourself a break if needed to be back in the game. There needs to be a balance in your life in every sphere. Positive energy is needed to completely enjoy the Libra month. Water signs can find it hard to remain detached from everyone and can easily become clingy souls. This is the last thing any other sign will want to face during this light-hearted period.

There needs to be good stability in your life. This can be achieved by surrounding yourself with people who support you and can give a good company.

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