Cancer is a sensitive, empathic and emotional one; it is one of the most beautiful natures of the zodiac. True purity can be found there, but tenacity too, and the type of strength that can only come from love. The lesson of Cancer is to understand that empathy without boundaries is self-destructive. Pouring love inward, drinking your own potion, is essential. You can then fuel others from your overfill, rather than from a space of deficiency or lack which will lead to you feeling neglected, rejected and used up. With Venus in Aquarius, you may feel plenty of lack and longing but this is the reminder that you need to turn to self-love to re-fuel. This is always an inside job. On the 13th Mercury moves into Capricorn which can bring out a sense of suffocation in relationships. For Cancer natives, love can feel like space where we bring so much of ourselves, that we lose ourselves in our partner. This can be fun at fourteen but dangerous as we grow older. We need to have a strong and stable sense of who we are. Learning to love with detachment may sound like an oxymoron but will give you far greater freedom and help you feel less lost in your partner or in your notions of what love is or should be. On the 24th, Saturn moves into Capricorn which helps you to remain cordial and friendly with others but you may accidentally evoke envy in others. It is important to avoid destructive habits like smoking, drinking or drug use, as well as overindulgence of any kind. This is not positive for you, it can lead to weight gain or the tendency to bury or repress emotions or thoughts beneath habits and/or things. Be very mindful of the type of behaviour you allow yourself to partake in. Mars in Scorpio is an empowering placement which gives you plenty of confidence and clout. Scorpio is also of the water element like you, but it is less concerned with the niceties that Cancer so associates with. When necessary, it can give the strength to dive deep and soar high. Make use of it.
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