Cancer Monthly Horoscope

( March, 2021 )

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With Venus moving into Pisces on the 17th, your financial condition is in for some blessings. You enjoy spending money on important items and experiences and are likely to indulge in all such pleasures this week. Sentimental items, items with a past or history, also greatly appeal to you for you to emotionally connect with things and people. Improving your home or purchasing a new vehicle is likely to be high on your agenda. You'll also have an itchy and restless urge to explore your surroundings, especially places of natural beauty or famous tourist spots, although this may need to take a back seat due to the world's current ways. On the 11th, Mercury moves into Aquarius, which pushes you into your professional best. Your intuition and forward-thinking mind will help you to make incredible strides in your career. Post 14th, the month, fortifies luck and good tidings. You'll step into a position of abundance, and plenty of blessings will come into your life. Your health will also improve (the health of Cancer natives is fairly robust), and your financial condition will be stable. Some competition or challenges will present themselves, but you will perform brilliantly, as you always do. Focus on your own track, plod along, and you'll notice that you can make tremendous progress when you just keep your mind on your own path and journey. Do not be unsettled or upset by the crowd, for they were not brave enough to take the chances you have. People might underestimate you, you may even underestimate yourself, but the crab is made of sturdy and robust stuff. There is a fierceness in fragility. Let them doubt, so long as you never internalize it. The crab can hold on through any storm. At the beginning of the year, you might be laid back and lethargic, but you would quit this behavior with time and realize the importance of time. The transit of planet Saturn might create problems for you. So make sure you are prepared to fight it. Strengthen your mind so that it does not affect your enthusiasm. Matters of the heart might be a little delicate so avoid imposing your choices and thoughts on your partner. Make sure you resolve all kinds of misunderstandings and keep your ego aside. Fortunately, the money will roll in, and the career will be stable.

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