Cancer Monthly Horoscope

(September, 2021)

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On the 6th, Venus moves into Libra to arrange a fantastic time for you this month. Live like a king and establish your authority this month. The stars are sure to favor you, so you don't need to fret and panic. It is a good time for starting a new business, especially related to fabrics and clothing. You are likely to buy a new and bigger house with a trending new vehicle to go with it. On the same day of the month, however, Mars sets its foot on Virgo, which hints at a troublesome life at present. Female natives are likely to suffer from mental and emotional turmoil, as their partners may cheat on them and engage in extramarital affairs. It is a grave situation that needs a lot of contemplation and introspection. You are also likely to suffer from health issues, so take good care of yourself. Avoid travel as of now, and stay indoors, if possible. Avoid panicking and try to calm your mind for the time being. The two different effects of planetary transitions will confuse your perception of life, but make sure you remain detached from all the negativity around you. On the 14th, Jupiter moves into Capricorn, which will act as a reversal of your fortune. You will enjoy a happy and harmonious personal life. Expect all complexities to end soon, as the stars are likely to favor you. If you are into some business, you will be victorious like never before. Travel prospects to nearby places are indicated, so use this as a soul-searching expedition. You will be highly active in various social activities, so try to maintain good physical and mental health. When Sun advances into the Virgo sign, you are likely to enjoy a great personal and professional life ahead. It is a fabulous time to make crucial decisions in life, as you will have the vigor and potential to succeed after all that has happened in the past. Enjoy some quality time with your family as well as your partner. This will help you set your priorities right and calm your nerves a bit. Mercury sets its foot into Libra on the 22nd. You are likely to gain sound finances from unexpected sources of income, like inheritance or lottery. Make new friends in life, as they are the ones who will stay by your side even in the most challenging situations. High expenses are indicated this month, so try to save more. This will ensure that you have a stable future ahead. You will suffer from low energy levels, which is likely to affect your work patterns in a big way. Your life will take a bit of time to reorganize itself, but soon it will surely be on the right track.
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This month you will take incredible strides in your career.

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