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Gemini Health Horoscope 2019

Your first house will host Mercury as we start off with 2019. The planet is of key significance in matters related to your health. Gemini health 2019 will be normal, there is no specific negative influence seen on the sign in general from the health perspective. You are advised to keep account of what and how much you are feeding your body as there are chances of getting overweight during this time period. Older natives may suffer from pain in their knees and ankles this year. Those of you who have been suffering from physical ailments since long might have the tendency to rely on self-medication. No matter how used to you are to the ailment and the type of medication, it is still advised to consult an expert doctor when your condition gets worse. There are chances of parts and functions of the body getting deteriorated due to this ailment, so an expert diagnosis may be required here.

Though health concerns will be minimal for you in 2019, be sure to do a health examination early in the year, around January or February. You may need to make alterations to your diet by adding a bit more fibre, and you may also want to restart your exercise regime in the morning. You like to exercise, but you get bored easily, so it takes determination to stick to this program.

Make sure you keep your body hydrated during the last quarter of 2019. You might take part in a mass event like a marathon this year, which will require a lot of strength and stamina. This event will allow you to push your limits and you will be surprised by your body’s potential.  

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