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Pisces Health Horoscope 2019

Your health and wellness are very much related to your spirituality and mental peace, Pisces. You crave a life of peace, tranquillity, and prosperity. You should keep your expectations realistic this year, and learn to cultivate inner peace despite the chaotic circumstances you will go through. For the sake of your wellness, in 2019, you need to work on controlling your emotions and making it easy for yourself to stay happy. Your anger, frustration or fear should not drive you, because then you will not be going in the right direction. This quality of yours will be put to test after the Jupiter retrogression on 11th April. A tension free mind is a must if you want to concentrate on your work. We strongly advise you to practice yoga, meditation or aromatherapy during 2019, it will work wonders for you. Be sure to include even more fruits and vegetables into your diet in the New Year.  Always stick to a healthy diet and reduce eating junk and oily food. You should give priority to your sleep and rest along with exercises and should try to strike a perfect balance between these two in 2019.

This year, you will benefit by adopting good habits and maintaining self-discipline. Try not to get upset over trivial issues; develop a positive attitude towards life. However, you need to strictly monitor your diet during the initial months of the New Year. Taking a nutritious diet will benefit your health immensely, especially older people. Preventive care works wonders for you this year. Some of you who have been suffering from physical ailments for long will have the tendency to rely on self-medication. No matter how used to, you are to the ailment and the medication; it is still advised to consult an expert doctor when your condition gets worse. There are indications that you may suffer from eyestrain; keep away from long hours at either the computer or T.V. especially if you are employed in the IT or ITES industry. You need to take better care of your health and change your unhealthy habits this year.  If you have a skin related problem or any infections, don`t neglect it and consult a dermatologist. Neglecting won’t help and instead aggravate the problem. Positive thinking and controlling negative emotions would work to your advantage this month. Daily exercise will help you to keep diseases at bay.

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