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Sagittarius Health Horoscope 2019

Sagittarius, you are an adventure seeker and a power house of boundless energy, you are not one to shy away from exercise. This year you should focus on improving your dietary habits too and start eating healthy. Sagittarius health in 2019 will be good if you maintain an active routine to keep up your vigour and optimism, and, keep your body hydrated. Your body might get dehydrated during your vigorous physical workouts, so always carry a water bottle with you. During April, when Saturn turns retrograde, a health issue may arise for you. This will likely be related to your respiratory system. Someone in your family may be affected by a contagious disease during the summer of 2019; this may spread to everyone in the family. You need to take enough precaution to prevent it while taking care of him/her.

Digestive disorders for your children are indicated during Mid-2019. Therefore, take good care of the diet and hygiene of your children. Married women maybe blessed by lady luck in 2019, for they may soon find themselves in the role of a mother again or for the first time! Expectant mothers will not face any major problem when you enter 2019. You will complete your term safely and will be blessed soon. Follow all dietary restrictions and your doctor’s instructions with utmost care and you will feel just fine! Be prepared for some major changes in your life and a paradigm shift in priorities. You should try and Include yoga in your daily routine, this will make you feel much better health wise. Most of you are likely to see some improvement with a weight reduction regime. Be sure to keep it consistent, don’t quit it when you see good results, be consistent and watch what you are eating. The exercise that you have been doing will start showing positive results during September 2019. Heart patients and BP patients need to strictly follow their diet and medications and be very particular about not taking any risks. Also, make sure that you do not miss out on daily walks and workouts. This year you feel fine physically in general but might be a bit frustrated due to issues that have been troubling you at home and work. You should deal with these frustrations by channelizing your energy towards more creative activities. Recreational activities will help you stay relaxed and positive.

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