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Capricorn Health Horoscope 2019

You will want to get rid of bad habits in 2019, if you have any. Health issues might hamper your productivity and confidence as they leave you with a sense of negativity and lack of control. So you are advised to take good care of yourself.  Stomach related ailments are indicated during the March-April months, due to some very unhealthy food habits. Make sure that you keep yourself well hydrated during this time period. Have small and frequent meals, rather than eating a lot in one sitting. You will find that your mind, body and soul are getting very strong this year which will bring in a flair of positivity in everything you do this year. Injuries are likely during April, so be extra cautious during that time period. If you are going on a journey during this time period, be very careful on the road and also have clean and hygienic food on the way so that you don`t fall ill with a stomach bug along the way. Minor stomach-related health issues are indicated during September also, so take it easy.

After July your health is likely to remain fine, those of you who were suffering from skin related ailments find a cure and feel much relieved. Older folk may need to take special care as joint aches are indicated for you at this time. Rest and relaxation is a must for them. Herbal and Ayurvedic treatment procedures may cure any eye or sinus related problems this year. If you can find a good doctor or practitioner start your treatment during September of 2019. Heart patients and BP patients may see improvement in their condition during this time period. During the last quarter of the New Year you may feel a bit unwell as your body may not be able to cope up with the changes in weather during this time period. Expect mood swings and a general lack of interest in things. Children could suffer from stomach aches so parents should take care of their hygiene and drinking water. Stress due to work load is indicated for those who take work too seriously. Ailments during this time, if any will be due to anxiety. This is a time period when you`ll need to be a bit careful about your diet. Stomach related ailments are indicated.

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