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Scorpio Health Horoscope 2019

Mars rules the on goings on your health front. Mars positioning throughout the year with respect to your zodiac sign suggests that Scorpio health in 2019 will remain stable and good. You might be troubled by minor health-related ailments which will not be very serious. You should keep a track of your weight and fitness, as there are chances of you gaining some extra pounds if you don’t manage your diet properly. Early in the year, you may encounter a dental problem. This can be easily fixed if you get medical attention at the right time, but be sure not to wait to address this issue. If you take care of this problem promptly, you will be fine by the end of April.  During the Saturn Retrograde in April you may experience some tension, headaches and muscle strain due to stress. This may be induced by some obstacles you are overcoming in your career, all will be resolved soon, don’t worry. In the meantime, do some things to assuage the stress and to increase your sense of relaxation and well-being. Take a break from work; spend some quality time with family and friends. This will help to rejuvenate your body and mind and to bounce back with more vigour and energy. With an increased relaxation and positive energy in your life, you will feel physically and mentally positive. Negative and depressive thoughts may elevate your anger and the sense of insecurity during June, July months. This may cause issues with natives who are diabetic or have blood pressure issues.

Consult a dietician and start tracking your calorie intake this year. You don’t want one more thing to worry about- your weight. Keep it under control and have absolute control over it this year. Heart and BP patients need to strictly follow their diet and medications this year. You may find a friend in your doctor this year. This relationship with your doctor will motivate you to stay healthy and keep you in check.

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