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Scorpio Career Horoscope 2019

The Sun influences your career the most and it watches over your career front from your twelfth house, which also accommodates Saturn, indicates the Scorpio Career Horoscope 2019. This is a very good year for entrepreneurs as they will forge new partnerships and discover new opportunities in 2019. In January you may be induced with some negative thoughts about your career, Scorpio. These thoughts and feelings will burgeon during the April and May months of 2019. Learn to maintain your inner peace, worrying is a misuse of your imagination. Acknowledge the fact that you are not completely in charge of your life, so go with the flow and do what you feel is right. In fact, you are already pondering whether or not to change your work situation, possibly to do something completely new. You will feel some extra pressure at the workplace during June. You might also get into an argument with a co-worker whose ideas simply don't gel with yours. This pressure will increase through, July and August and then you will be faced to make that big decision regarding work between September and October. If you really want to make a career change, you should do it around this time in 2019. A shift around this time will be very positive. Don’t worry if it is something completely different than what you are used to, Scorpio, you are a quick learner. This change will rejuvenate you from within and bring a refreshing positivity to your life, and your career will flourish.

Your success would largely depend on the co-operation that you receive from your colleagues this year.  Embrace your friendships in the workplace if you have people around you that you can trust. You spend most of your time with them, so if you are sharing good vibes at work then life will be a lot easier. From a productivity perspective, working in close harmony with them will bring about the desired results. Planning your career and prioritising your needs is very important this year. The options which will open up for you will be very different; some may offer better pay while some may offer a better organization to work for. Think hard and choose wisely.

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